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June 10, 2020 3 min read

Is your soon-to-be wife picking all the sola wood wedding flowers, checking potential venues, and has already decided on her wedding dress? Well, that great news as you will not have to plan all those things as long as you agree with everything your fiancé says. However, as a groom, you will have certain responsibilities that only you can fulfill. One of them is picking your best man without making other friends mad. Here are a few tricks on how you should pick your best man, especially if you have a few options to choose from.

Your Brother Is the Answer

Are you close to your brother? Well, your task of picking the best man is completed. Are you not too close to your brother? You might still want to choose him as your best man just for the appearances as your grandmother would appreciate seeing such a tight bond between her grandkids. After all, the best man doesn't have too many responsibilities, and if you have some big tasks, you can just give them to your closest friends while your brother remains the official best man. Just put a sola wood rose in his pocket, make sure that he has a nice suit, and you should be fine!

Too Many Friend to Choose From?

First of all, that is a very pleasant problem to have. However, if you think that some of your friends might get offended if you don't pick them as your best man, you have to find a compromise. If you have two best friends, you can solve this issue by either burning all the bridges with one of them (just joking, don't do that) or simply having two best men at your wedding. Sadly, if you have more friends, you cannot have all of them as your best men. That's why the easiest option is to pick one randomly. That doesn't sound like fun, though? You can also host a small party with a competition between your friends with a prize of an honorary title at your wedding. Or, just pick the guy that you have known the longest.

Are They Responsible Enough?

The best man doesn't have too many responsibilities, but they still have to show up on time. Also, they might need to pick lost sola wood wedding flowers, calm you down, or drive you home in case you forgot to take the rings. So, as long as you can trust your best man to be there for you, they should be fine. Just don't pick that one person who never shows up anywhere on time.

Can Your Best Man Be a Girl?

The answer is yes. We are living in modern society, so it is becoming common for girls to be someone's best man and for guys to be maids of honor. Think about it – whenever your fiancé asks you about sola wood wedding flowers, decorations, cakes, and other wedding stuff, you can just tell her to contact your best man. Jokes aside, if you are making a girl as your best man, make sure that your soon-to-be wife approves of it as it might still be seen as a controversial thing to do, especially in more traditional parts of the country.

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