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March 23, 2020 3 min read

The last thing you want to do is to postpone or cancel your wedding, especially if everything from sola wood wedding flowers to venue to food is booked or ready. However, the beauty of life is that it is sometimes unpredictable. Unfortunately, it can sometimes mean difficulties, as well. Whether you are breaking up with your partner or a dangerous COVID-19 virus is spreading in your area, we prepared these tips to help you postpone or cancel your wedding with minimal costs.

Don't Panic

The most important thing you have to remember – it is so much easier to deal with any problem when you are not panicking. We know that you have not been planning to cancel your wedding, but at some point, after the decision is made, you will have to accept the fact and adapt. The faster you do it, the better. Furthermore, always try to look at the bright side – if nobody is willing to refund you for the wedding cake, you can eat it alone. Also, sola wood roses never get old, so you can use them even after a year or two.

Check Your Insurance

Your best chance of reducing your financial losses is solid wedding insurance that covers you for any potential emergency and protects your funds. So, call your agent or read your contract to find out your options. We also recommend consulting with an independent professional who would not let you get lost in all the legal stuff. That is an extremely wise choice in today's context when the government might protect both vendors and event organizers due to coronavirus and all the chaos that it causes.

Inform Your Guests ASAP

As much as it sucks, you should somehow find motivation and strength to write that difficult letter, informing your guests that the wedding is either postponed or canceled. You don't have to give too much information regarding your decision, especially if you are doing it for private reasons. Also, don't start talking about where you are planning to use your sola wedding bouquets and other decorations – that doesn't interest your guests. However, make sure to let your guests know anything that might concern them (how long is it postponed, is it possible to get a refund from hotels, etc.).

A letter (email is also ok in this situation as you want everyone to find out asap) with all the information is enough. However, you might want to call your closest friends/family to inform them in person. Of course, it would be nice to call each guest, but we understand that you might busy with other problems.

Contact Your Vendors

Vendors that work with weddings know that they get canceled and postponed. If it is your private decision, you will probably not be able to get a refund from them. However, if the wedding is postponed due to COVID-19 or other legit reasons, vendors might understand and help you out to find the best solution. So, we always recommend wedding organizers to treat their vendors as friends instead of getting hostile with them. This way, you will find a solution that works for everyone. Of course, if you had already purchased tons of sola wood wedding flowers months ago, you might want to learn how to shape them and make beautiful home-décor during the coronavirus quarantine.

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