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October 21, 2020 4 min read

The idea creation is one of the main factors when planning a wedding. As this will set the tone and theme of your entire celebration, this part is very important. What's fun about this is that with your choices, you can get creative. From just about everything, you can draw inspiration for the brand: your love story, your favorite color or hobby, the wedding venue, and even the seasons. Weddings are great because you can now personalize depending on your taste, from decorations to shoes, down to the blooms, in this day and age.

Flowers certainly come first when it comes to crucial wedding components. They add to the event colour and life and complete just about every motif. There are literally hundreds of floral choices to choose from, from traditional ones such as roses and tulips to unusual ones such as fruit and succulents.

You can initially think that Gypsophila is just a filler flower when it comes time to begin planning your wedding florals. Gypsophila, also known as baby's breath, has been used in flower bouquets for several years as an inexpensive filler. For wedding day flowers, Baby's Breath is an inexpensive and chic choice. A stunning wedding arch, this versatile flower can be styled into dramatic and textured floral centrepieces and create a light and heavenly vibe on your big day. By serving the day with its many imaginative uses, the baby's breath will add value while still being budget-friendly for weddings. The white flower gives any wedding décor a glamorous feel, as it matches well with wedding fashion, food and sparkling cocktails.

Here are some beautiful ways you can style your wedding with baby's breath that are just totally incredible!

Gypsophila Centerpieces

Fill a glass globe with the Gypsophila, then add this centrepiece to each reception dining table. A show-stopping statement makes this simple, yet elegant, table decor. You can also house a baby's breath bouquet in an antiqued birdcage or a wooden or vintage box to lend personality. There are almost no words to explain how much you love this tablescape. At any table setting, finish the ensemble with a glass of pink rosé. How about, stunning, amazing, and just to name a few, perfection. The baby's breath adds the perfect texture and height to make this setup delicate and eye-catching.

Gypsophila Bouquet

An elaborate wedding dress will not detract from a bouquet made of only gypsophila. The subtlety of the arrangement will actually only add to the fashion statement. Decorate gypsophila with the entire wedding party by adding matching bridesmaid bouquets as well. And if you don't want to go white, consider spraying a lovely golden or tonal shade on your bouquets. You can also make your own bouquets if you are on a budget.

You have two options with the bouquet, either a full gypsophila bouquet that looks like a pretty little prettiness cloud, most people love a pure lace-bound gypsophila bouquet or a silk ribbon. Or you can pair the delicate flower with other blooms-we love lavender for a rustic feeling or roses look so beautiful with gypsum.

Gypsophila Crown

Flower crowns are such a fun way to integrate flowers into your special event or photo shoot, and you can have a uniform look that is relatively simple to make by using all the same flowers as the baby's breath. If you are using fresh baby's breath, if possible, store the flower crown in your refrigerator before using it.

The breath of a baby flower crown gives the presentation of a bride a touch of whimsical elegance. A crown also highlights the lady of the hour by applying to her bridal hairdo an extra dose of feminine charm. For the finest look, pair a crown with an updo or a braid.

Gypsophila Cake Decoration

It is also possible to use the baby's breath as a simple and elegant addition to your wedding cake. Instead of typical sugar paste flowers, consider using fresh flowers if you are looking for an on-trend idea for your wedding cake. Baby’s breath can easily dress up a wedding cake. To make a cake topper or add it to each tier of the cake, simply add a few sprigs to the top tier. Take your cake decor to the next level by incorporating these lovely blooms in conjunction with other flowers.

Gypsophila Garland

For added decoration, a baby's breath garland may also be used as a table runner or draped off the end of a serving table. For a spring wedding or eucalyptus for an earthy fall gathering, integrate roses into the garland. Garlands may also be hung over a welcome sign or inserted into a wedding transition.

Gypsophila Wreath

Enlist the assistance of your mother and aunts to create breath wreaths for DIY babies that can be used for aisle or reception decor. At the front door of the church, either at the end of the reception tent, or behind your dessert table, hang a big wreath. You may also use smaller baby breath wreaths at the reception to decorate the seats of the bride and groom.

Gypsophila Table Canopy

With so many gorgeous personal touches, one of our couples had a fairly rustic reception. For such a pretty touch, the couple had candelabras on each table and even added mason jars full of baby's breath. It looks nice too to have small glasses with both gyp and complementing with another bloom (white and peach roses look lovely, as do pink blooms).

How beautiful is the baby's breath covered in this wedding arch? Suddenly, by throwing lots of baby's breath over the arch and at the base, this basic arrangement was cranked up a few notches.

Gypsophila Chairs

It looks so gorgeous to adorn the chairs that line the aisle with bunches of gypsophila, like the bride is walking down an aisle lined with little pretty clouds. This is just a fun way to decorate the aisle in a cost-effective way and will go with almost every other decor, but when everything else is kept pretty simple, we love this the most. With bits of lace or chiffon, you can tie them or hang them in lovely little jars.

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