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December 13, 2019 3 min read

Who doesn't like to go to the wedding and enjoy the celebration of everlasting love and happiness? However, we all know that stressful moment when we have to come up with a warm and relevant gift for our best friend or sister's wedding, and nothing comes to mind. Gladly, these days, the bride and the groom put most of their wishes on the wedding registry, so you can choose the easy way out and cross one of the items from the list, would it be a new microwave, vacuum cleaner, or wooden wedding flowers. If that is still not enough and you want to get more personal, writing a wedding poem is always a great idea. We provide a few tips on how to make your wedding poem even more captivating and touching.

How Will You Use It?

First of all, you must know the use of your poem. Will you use it in your wedding speech? Or will you frame it and give it to the newlyweds as a gift? Will you read it out loud to hundreds of guests? Answering these questions will help you to decide on the style of the poem. For example, patterning lines/words sound great when read out loud but might look a little clumsy when written on the paper.

What Is the Main Idea?

The newlyweds think about every single detail when planning the wedding. You might not even notice it, but those wooden bouquets stand exactly at the right spot, and the DJ starts playing upbeat tracks neither too early nor too late. That is why you must also think about how you dress up and what you say to the bride and the groom. That involves your wedding poem, as well. When you begin writing it, pick the main message that you want to deliver and crystalize it. This way, it will be easier to build the rest of the poem on the basis of the main message.

Rhyming Works

Rhyming poems have a certain flow and ease, making them perfect for weddings. Of course, you should never force the rhyme, but we still recommend to stick to a specific rhyming scheme. To make your job easier, we suggest to take the rhyming dictionary and look for words that rhyme with wedding, love, ring, kiss, and other popular wedding expressions. Once you have a few sets of rhyming words, you can start putting them all together.

Make It Personal

You don't want to stick to all the clichés, which the newlyweds heard a thousand times already. Instead, try to make your wedding poem as personal as possible, including short stories or funny moments. We recommend avoiding complex stories as you would need to be a real professional with years of experience in poetry to incorporate them into the wedding poem successfully.

We guarantee that the bride and the groom will appreciate a personalized wedding poem much more than all the fancy words and beautiful thoughts in the world. However, it would be best if you could find a way to personalize the wedding poem with beautiful thoughts (preferably of your own).

Don't be shy to showcase how much you love and care for your close friends and family, especially during their wedding day. Even though money is a great and useful gift, a lot of times, the newlyweds will appreciate getting a sola wood flower bouquet and a personalized poem as a wedding gift.

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