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October 02, 2020 2 min read

With the global pandemic slowly passing, the weddings are finally back. That means a lot of emotions, beautiful vows, stunning sola wood wedding flowers, and, most importantly, new families. Most of the guests will come to the wedding prepared to have fun without too many responsibilities. However, as the bride's mother, you will have to be there for your daughter while she is making the biggest decision in her life. And of course, you will have to give a mother of the bride speech, which might be a bit scary if you are not used to public speaking. But here are a few suggestions to make your speech even more captivating!

The Structure

Try to have a clear structure of your speech so that you wouldn't get confused or lost even under pressure. The template structure would be:

  • Introduce yourself and welcome everyone for coming;
  • Talk a bit about the wedding day. For example, you can praise the florist for making amazing decorations from sola wood wedding flowers;
  • Talk about the bride. You can tell a few stories from her childhood and emphasize how much she wanted to get married;
  • Welcome your new son-in-law to the family. It is a very important part of the speech as you will make the groom feel accepted;
  • Give a piece of advice from your own experience. After all, the newlyweds are only starting their journey, so offer them your guidance. Just keep it light;
  • Give a toast and continue with the celebration!

Make It Emotional

It is always a great idea for a mother to give an emotional speech. We are sure that you won't have to fake it as it is the wedding of your daughter. And don't be afraid to express and show your emotions. Everyone loves to see a strong and happy family together, especially during such big occasions. If you love how sola wood wedding flowers look, just say it! If you remember an emotional story from the past, share it with the audience! Of course, try not to cry. That said, a few tears don't count!

Everyone Loves a Good Joke

If you don't consider yourself funny, don't try to change just because of your wedding speech. No one will expect you to become a stand-up comedian for the evening. However, if you remember any funny stories about the newlyweds, make sure to include them in your speech. Everyone loves to hear some jokes, especially when they are genuine and full of love!


You cannot become a professional without any practice. If you are not used to public speaking, make sure to practice your wedding speech before the wedding day. The last thing you want is to forget the speech or get lost in the moment. And to avoid that, you have to be confident that you remember what you have to say. Of course, if something wrong happens, don't panic. The guests will understand that you are emotional and will support you no matter what! But if you deliver a good speech, they might even give some sola wood roses to you!

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