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April 21, 2020 3 min read

Officiating a wedding requires a lot of preparation and at least a little bit of showmanship. If you have done this before, we are sure that you know how to write an officiant speech and handle the ceremony. However, if it will be your first time standing on an altar, decorated with sola wood wedding flowers, and helping a couple to start their family together, you might need to know a few things. Of course, if the couple trusted you with this important duty, you should be the right person for the job. That said, you must not get overwhelmed and take your time to write an authentic and captivating speech.

Communicate with the Couple

This is the most important part. You must communicate with the couple before the ceremony and make decisions with their blessing. Some couples want to sign the legal papers in front of everyone, while others do it in private. Some couples insist on having a fun wedding with lots of jokes, while others see it as an emotional and serious matter. So, get all the information (from the color of the dress to the size of sola wood bridal bouquet. The more, the merrier) and guidelines from the couple before writing the speech. Of course, that doesn't mean that you cannot improvise. On the contrary, when you know what the couple wants, you can write the speech freely, knowing that you won't ruin the wedding.

Only Light Humor

If the couple did not ask you to write some heavy jokes about their embarrassing stories from the past, then DON'T DO IT! It might feel like a great idea, especially if you are a close friend of the couple, but think about the occasion. It is not your casual Friday night out. Respect all the guests, especially the elders, of the wedding and make the jokes light so that nobody would blush. That doesn't mean that you should not be funny, though. But when being funny, know your limits and adjust to the audience's reactions. If guests will start throwing tomatoes at you, you probably did something wrong. But if you see sola wood roses coming your way, your officiating was great. Of course, we are just joking – nobody will throw anything at you (or at least they shouldn't).

Make It Authentic

Nobody wants to listen to your template from one of many websites online. Instead, people want to hear real stories from the couple's life that everyone can relate to. Also, think about the couple when giving your blessings and wishes at the end of the speech. There are so many great things to recite and wish, so make sure that you choose the right words. In most cases, some inspiring poems/texts about love from the couple's favorite book/movie should do the trick.


You cannot shape beautiful sola wood wedding flowers without practicing. You cannot cook a wedding cake if you don't know the recipe. You cannot impress with your wedding dance if you don't know the routine. The same rules apply for officiating. Before the wedding, make sure to practice your speech many times, preferably with some audience, including someone who pretends to be the couple. Remember – if you are confident and ready for surprises, nothing can throw you off.

And most importantly, be sincere! The couple chose you to marry them for a good reason. If they trust you, you should trust yourself too!

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