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April 28, 2020 2 min read

As a bride, you will have some stressful but rewarding time during your wedding. Even before the ceremony, you will have to make sure that everything is perfect, from sola wood wedding flowers to sweets to guests. During the ceremony, everyone will be watching and following every step you make, so you will have to be prepared. Of course, it's every girl's dream to get married and start a family. However, you have to be prepared (we cannot emphasize that more). As you are reading this article, we are sure that you are doing your homework. So, without further ado, here are some things you need to consider when writing your speech!

Thank Everyone

You should start your speech by thanking everyone for being with you during the biggest day of your life. Each and every guest is probably worth a mention, but you don't want your speech to become an Oscar acceptance speech, so a short "thank you all the guests for coming" message is enough. Of course, give a special shout out to the most important people, like your parents or bridal party.

Also, thank thanking everyone, make sure to state that all the vendors (your florists who shaped sola wood wedding flowers, chefs that cooked the food, wedding planners who made it all possible, etc.) are appreciated, as well. It is a beautiful gesture to make!

Not Too Long

Anything over ten minutes might come across as too long and boring to a lot of your guests. Make sure to be on point, practice your delivery, cut all the unnecessary stories (stick to the best ones), and be genuine. Of course, you would be able to talk for hours about your partner, love, and the meaning of your wedding. However, save some of those stories for later – you have all your life ahead of you.

Also, make sure to lay some ground rules with your soon-to-be husband. You want your speeches to have at least a similar length and style. Otherwise, your guests might get confused.

Story Time

Everyone loves a good love story. Tell the guests how you met your husband a few years ago at another wedding, where he approached with a sola wood rose. Or let everyone know how your husband was afraid to meet your parents during the Christmas holidays. Have a few stories from all periods of your life so that guests could relate to you easier. Just don't make those stories too long. Also, make sure to include at least a few funny stories that would make your guests laugh.

Talk About the Groom

After you finish thanking everyone and telling stories from your past, make sure to focus on the present moment. Everyone will want to hear how much you love the groom, so let them know. Of course, make it family-friendly and save some secrets for the night to come. Jokes aside, the last part of your speech should be focused on the groom and your love for him.

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