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January 22, 2021 4 min read

Vibrant color with exotic beauty to your home as well as your garden!

Lilly is the flower of another garden – the spiritual garden.

Lilly is the flower that represents innocence, purity, and chastity. It is one of the oldest existing flowers that are also popular as the flower of the virgin and resurrection. It has countless types and 110 species and its origin are often traced back to 12 million years. This flower has been celebrated by the ancient civilizations worldwide and their outclass beauty is proof that lilies have a bright history and they were highly appreciated as:

  • Religious symbols
  • Flower for brides
  • Ornamental flower

These sophisticated blooms come in an assortment of bright and warm colors that include white, red, purple, yellow, and the magnificent pink. Pink lilies are a hybrid of ornamental lilies commonly called stargazer lilies. With the power of the flower, a pretty hue, and pink petals with dark red freckles this cheerful bloom enhances the interior décor and also adds a touch of positive vibes or Feng Shui.

There are lots of options to use pink lilies in your home décor, but you have to keep in mind that lilies are poisonous to cats and can kill them. But not to worry, luckily you have the option of choosing sola wood pink lily flowers instead of the real one, and in many ways, it is indeed a far better option than original pink lilies.

Sola wood pink lilies are amazingly real looking, long-lasting, eco-friendly, pollen and fragrance-free blooms that can brighten up your indoor space with their mesmerizing appearance, and dashing pink color.

Here are a few impressive ways to use pink lilies in your home décor:

1.    Vases with pink lilies

A floral vase is an old and traditional standby that provides a wonderful boost to your home decor. Use a well-arranged and colorful bouquet of pink lilies to place in a beautiful and elegant vase. You can accent pink lilies with other flowers and garnishes, such as baby’s breath or fern. Be creative and select a unique or interesting vase that provides a great way to display your artistic creativity. A perfect vase also adds more depth to a floral arrangement especially one with your own DIY touch.

2.    Lily Wreaths

People generally associate wreaths with Christmas celebrations and decorations, but these wreaths can be for any time of year. Beautiful and charming pink lilies can look absolutely stunning in a wreath design. Pink lilies are common in springtime, so you can add these floral to a spring or Easter wreath. Mix and match pink lilies with the flowers of your choice to celebrate nature with a pink lily wreath!

3.    Garlands of lily

Pink lilies make the outside look of your home pretty as well as the inside. Think beyond potted plants for outdoor décor and use a garland of pink lilies to decorate porches, decks, and patios.  These garlands of pink lilies can accentuate your outdoor areas like a window, door, or an arbor. To add a creative flair use strings of lilies as pretty decorations for parties and other happy events.

4.    Vertical Gardens

Floral wall decorations or vertical floral arrangements are becoming more popular and more innovative. People with environment-friendly nature are now recycling things like bottles, old pots, shoe racks or pallets, and mounting them on the walls of their homes. They decorate these recycled items like flower pots and creating an illusion that the flowers are growing right out of the wall!

It is not necessary to bring a whole garden inside your house, but accommodate lilies in these items vertically arranged at the wall and create a splendid display!

5.    Centerpieces and Arrangements

Creative and crafty people might be more interested in arranging flowers themselves and floral arrangements and centerpieces can be an initial step towards great decoration. Use live centerpieces and arrangements in a versatile room with a solid color theme and give it the atmosphere of a garden in bloom. Use sola wood pink lilies for longer-term decorations, especially for larger displays or those meant for special occasions.

6.    Dry flowers to frame

Sometimes original flowers can look beautiful even after they are no longer fresh. Yes! It is possible especially if the flowers were well cared for during drying. Long petals of lilies can be easily dry by hanging them upside down from a cool, dry place. These dried pink lilies can be mounted and framed or you can press them so they become flat, like a picture. These dried and pressed flowers can be used in decorating for centuries under glass.

7.    Wallpaper

A wonderful idea to use pink lilies in your indoor decorations is the use of wallpapers with pink lilies to give the room a warm, soft, and beautiful feeling. It is true that nothing can truly replace an actual pink lily, but wallpapering a room with stargazer lilies can come close.

8.    Pink lilies in the Garden

Undoubtedly flowers always look superb when they are fresh and vibrant, and lilies are no exception! Pink lilies are versatile in so many climates and it can make a great addition to your garden. Pink lilies grow in cool, shady, and damp spots and grow from bulbs.

These can be best planted in early spring or fall. Lilies are perennials (grow and thrive more than two years after being planted) and can grow from 2 to 6 feet in height.


It is simple and easy to use lilies in home décor that is only limited by your imagination and creativity. All of these and so many more awesome things can be done with pink lilies. You may have certainly a lot of ways to use them to decorate your home. Pink lilies with having such an exotic appearance, can accent any room in your home and provide a fragrant and fresh atmosphere with a little exotic and romantic.

Spring is just right around the corner and it is the perfect time to decorate your outdoors and indoors with pink lilies!

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