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April 09, 2021 4 min read

Tulips are the symbol of spring, and they are the most popular and gorgeous-looking flowers. It is mainly grown for its attractive vibrant colors. Till today there are over 3000 registered varieties of tulips are grown. Within each genus, tulips come in a variety of sizes, forms, and colors.

History of Tulips:

Tulips made their way out of the wild and into cultivation in the Ottoman Empire, especially in the region that is now Turkey. They were introduced to Holland in the 1500s, and French botanist Charles de l'Écluse wrote a horticultural text about them. He cultivated the species and commercialized it in the Netherlands, where it became a common subject for artists and a sought-after garden plant among the upper crust.

For about a year in the 1600s, there was an outbreak of "tulip mania," in which frenzied buying drove the prices up, and bulbs became as expensive as houses. The bubble burst when prices eventually fell, and many investors lost their money. Today, the most significant number of tulips are grown in the Netherlands as it is the home of the world's largest flower auctions.

Double late Tulips:

These are tulips, commonly known as peony-flowered tulips. These are larger and double in size from the ordinary tulips, and these flowers introduce romance, charm, and elegance with their multi-petaled appearance.

Here are a few of the types of most beautiful double late tulips:

·       Abigail:

Abigail's tulip resembles a rose. It has double rows of deep pink vibrant, almost purple petals with a velvety texture. It symbolizes deep romance and everlasting affection.

·       Angelique:

This form of tulip shows the look of peonies earlier in the season. 'Angelique' is a light pink tulip that blooms late in the season. The light pink tulip 'Angelique' is a double-late variety. These tulips, like peonies, are frequently be cut and use in a variety of floral arrangements.

·       Ballade white:

This lily-flowering tulip variety is a delicate lily form of crisp white blooms. The combination of green and white in these tulip bulbs is stunning. The white color of these tulips symbolizes innocence, purity, integrity, respect, and repentance. Weddings, baptisms, and funerals are all times when white tulips are widely used. They may even say "I'm sorry" to express regret and repair a relationship.

·       Belicia:

The bicolor tulip variety 'Belicia' has several double blooms on a single stalk. The light yellow flowers have a crimson edging. These tulips with multiple-coloured petals represent stunning eyes. They are ideal for showing someone extraordinary that they have taken your heart away.

·       Bright parrot:

The parrot tulip' Bright Parrot' is a show-stopper with oversize orange-red petals. Each petal has a gold-lined feathered tip. This is the tulip variety for you if you prefer warmer colors as they almost look like fire! Tulips in orange demonstrate kindness, empathy, and sympathy. A bouquet of orange tulips may be used to honor a special relationship with a coworker, friend, or life partner.

·       Camaruge:

Camargue has creamy yellow blooms with raspberry flame marks that resemble brushstrokes as they mature. This variation has a romantic, marbled appearance due to the markings.

·       Carnaval de nice:

The high contrast colouring of this double late tulip variety makes a comment in the garden. Red feathers flutter over the petals of white flowers. This densely packed bowl of white petals splashed with burgundy resembles a raspberry ripple.

·       Double sugar:

This mesmerizing tulip is a long-lasting bloom. Each petal of this flower has a whorl of shades from blush to pale pink to rich rose. These tulips are the symbols of a sweet friendship between best friends.

·       Double flaming parrot:

With ruffled yellow petals, this busy bicolor tulip variety has a dramatic appearance. These petals have red flame-like marks on them. These sensational blooms

·       Negrita:

Purple tulips bring a touch of unique color to your floral collection. 'Negrita' is a classic tulip with a robust stem that can withstand moisture, making it ideal for use in rainy climates. Purple was once synonymous with royalty. With an exquisite purple tulip bouquet today, you will show your loved one how much you admire their regal nature. Purple is also a standard flower color for Easter bouquets, as it symbolizes the beginning of new life.

·       Palm Island:

The tulip' Palm Island' is a single late bloomer. This blooms' petals range from creamy yellow to white. Yellow is a happy color that represents friendship, joy, and optimism. These tulips are an excellent substitute for a cheerful bouquet of inspiration, get-well wishes, or a just-because gift for a friend.

·       Princes unique:

This tulip range stands out thanks to its tropical color scheme. 'Princess Exclusive' is an unusual tulip bulb with stacked petals that look like roses. The vivid red petals have a soft green streak running across them.

·       Slawa:

Tulips don't often come in standard spring colors—this tulip variety is excellent for bringing moody colors to your landscape. On 'Slawa,' intense maroon petals reach thick edges of light green. This tulip variation is a triumph.

·       Tropical lady:

This kind of tulip stands out in every garden with its lilac-pink blooms. The pinking margins of the variegated leaves fade to a cream hue. Tulips in pink are associated with friendship and good luck rather than romantic love. They're great for giving to friends and relatives for a wedding, congratulations, or some other special event.

·       Upstar:

These are blooms look more beautiful day after day and seem to be pink perfection in a late-blooming tulip. These creamy white tulips fade to pink. These are such delightful blooms that represent delicacy and innocence.


Since there are so many ways to connect these days via email, written message, letter, phone, or video conferencing, a simple sentiment conveyed with tulips is a welcome and relaxing change of pace. Give a bouquet of stunning tulips and show a friend or loved one that you appreciate by using the age-old language of flowers to share your feelings.

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