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April 10, 2021 4 min read

Mother's Day is an annual celebration of the family's mother and her unwavering commitment to her children's well-being. The children are invited to come out and express their love and respect for their mother on this day.

It's a little sad that mothers only get one day a year to be recognized for all the amazing things they have done and continue to do for us. This single day is insufficient to express gratitude for every little to big sacrifice she did, for her countless sleepless nights, and for a delicious meal she prepared for you and all of her children's and family's needs. This day honors her most beautiful.

Being a mother is work that lasts a lifetime. Your mother never stops worrying about you and asking if you are healthy from the moment you are born before you step out and start your own life. She is the best person in the world for a cuddle, a laugh, and a day full of love, thanks, and appreciation.

Treat her most especially:

Do you want to buy your mother something completely unique?

Look no further than beautiful sola wood flowers for one-of-a-kind Mother's Day presents. Real flowers are amazing, but wood flowers can make her happy for such a long time due to their durability, exceptional realistic appearance, and no allergy or pollen issues. So don't waste time and buy a stunning sola wood floral arrangement for her.

Perfect floral arrangement for Mom:

The perfect floral arrangements for Mother's Day are those that your mother would enjoy the most, so get a feel of her taste and the types of flowers she likes. If you have some confusion about the right flowers for your mother, here is a short list of few popular blooms used in most of the floral arrangements for Mothers Day:

  • Roses are a tradition that never goes out of style
  • Orchids are a distinguished and opulent choice
  • Sunflowers are used to commemorate the joys of springtime
  • Daisies are a fun and romantic choice

Making Mom's day by surprising her with one or more of these whimsical arrangements is a perfect way to add fun into her existence. Celebrate your Mom's efforts and struggles with flowers that are fragrant, elegant and show how much you care for her. Sola wood flowers come in a wide range of colors, forms, and sizes and are sure to make her happy. While a traditional bouquet is always a good idea but, on this Mother's Day, being creative and try some unique concepts is something really appreciated.

Out of the way floral gifts for Mother's Day:

Select the right flower to send Mom and the right accessory to hold them in is an important part of the puzzle. Choosing wood flowers is the most out of the way option on its own, but here are some amazing and innovative ideas to give flowers to your heavenly figure on this Mother's Day:

1.     Play with shapes:

This Mother's Day, don't be afraid to experiment with size and form. Choose a stunning sola wood floral arrangement for a console table to transform it from understated to photo-ready. Adding geometric shapes in your floral arrangement makes it fit for the neutral color scheme, but it gives the room a far more vibrant feel.

2.     Plan for a mighty & high show:

Raise a toast to Mom with a giant yet elegant display that can be a rich, thick compote arrangement with extraordinary big and tall sola wood flowers.

3.     Use vases made of wood:

This year, incorporate some more natural elements to Mom's bouquet with a contemporary twist. Prefer wooden vases on the glass bottom vases that allow you to hide the faux identity of sola wood flowers. These vases with wood flowers instantly and easily add a decorative feature to any room.

4.     Bouquet ombre:

Maybe your Mom is not a big fan of dip-dyed hair, but she will surely like a hint of ombré in her flowers. Blue-violet larkspur and delphinium wood flower stems can collectively create a subtle but opulent arrangement.

5.     Use dry flowers also:

If your mother dislikes flowers because they die easily than with sola wood blooms, you can add some dried floral options too. Pampas grass is especially an attractive option. It has the signature California-cool feel, but it still has a modern, muted color palette, making it suitable for subtle spring decoration. It is still a smart thing to have dried flowers on hand. Dried blooms are a higher and lower Mother's Day present for the lady who is not scared to try anything new.

6.     Get blooms that fit in color:

Assist your mother in reconnecting with her inner flower girl. Mix dainty Spanish bluebells with chive blossoms and lamb's ears to produce a textured and visually interesting arrangement. Sola wood flowers can easily adjust in this kind of complicated arrangement.

7.     Try originating in a position of love:

For a modern look, arrange sola wood flowers in vases with distinct shapes. This is a brilliant idea for Mom, and this kind of pleasant aesthetic means that each flower is enjoyed. You can send Mom a bouquet of vases with a bouquet of sola wood flowers in each one. This gives the impression of an agreement while still demonstrating your concern for her.

8.     Never underestimate the power of a single flower:

A single flower is almost as captivating as a complete bouquet. To create a dramatic visual effect, you have the option to use a spiky stem and a slender vase in a coordinating hue.

9.     Let everything look futuristic:

A flower arrangement may be perched on a pedestal table in a corridor, entry, or corner that needs a little extra focus. You can use fairy lights to create a vignette that appears more like an art installation than daily furniture.

10.  Follow less is more formula:

An elaborated arrangement is not always an impressive one. When you use large flowers like gardenia or magnolia, there is no need for any other adornments.

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