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December 12, 2019 3 min read

Mason jars are a classic way to elevate any wedding or home space. They are elegant, inexpensive and easy to put together.

You better grab all the mason jars lying around because we have gathered a bunch of amazing ideas for flowers arrangements in mason jars. There is a twist to our ideas. We recommend to use only sola wooden flowers instead of fresh flowers to make them last longer. They are perfect for outdoor/indoor weddings, showers and much more! Try these ideas to accent your space and to add some life into the décor.

Metal Carrier Style

Make a soft pink and white combination of sola wood flowers in blue Mason jars to create a perfect contrast.

All of you have to do is place three mason jars in a metal carrier to make it a portable centerpiece. Choose poppies in wood flowers to play off the iconic blue shade. Add your sola wood flowers in each jar and wrap a twine at the mouth of each jar to keep the flowers in similar arrangement.

Twine Vase

Dye the wood roses in a dusty color and pair them up with a twine to create a farmhouse style centerpiece.

Take a clear mason jar, wrap a twine around it starting at the middle, all the way to the bottom. Make sure you hot glue the twine in place to make it extra secure. This is a great centerpiece idea for countryside outdoor weddings.

Glided Gold Vases

To make your sola wooden flower centerpieces even more interesting, apply gold leaf to the mason jars. Gold looks good with all the colors so you can match the flowers with the theme of your wedding.

You don’t have to be perfect because we are aiming for an imperfect look. Just glide the brush lightly here and there to give a real gold leaf look to make it chic.

Wooden Crate Center Piece

Line an old and worn-out wooden crate with mason jars. The number of jars depends on the size of the crate. Pick sola wooden flowers in lighter shades to go with the rustic look.

Highlight the wooden wedding flowers and keep the crate’s color neutral. Paint the crate in white and sand it down. It’s okay if it appears low-maintenance because that is exactly the vibe we want. Arrange the mason jars in the crate and you are done!

Ombre Arrangement

Pick a gorgeous hue and then use the flowers in that color family to create an ombre floral arrangement. Also, paint the mason jars in the same shades to complete the ombre wood flower arrangement.

Line the mason jars together in straight line at the center of your table to make them stand out. Here is a tip for you; sand the jar with a 120 grit sandpaper for a shabby chic vibe!

Lace and Burlap Arrangement

For some boho chic vibe, add this organic solo wood flower arrangement as your centerpiece to make the flowers pop.

Wrap a burlap around the jar and hot glue it at the edges to make it secure. Now wrap a sheer white lace on top as the final touch. Add the wood wedding flowers of your choice to make a beautiful statement with colors.

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