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March 12, 2021 4 min read

Flower and Mother's are similar in nature, and both are the most precious and blissful gifts to mankind. They make everything sweeter, have healing powers to heal the pain, and both are full of every type of heartwarming emotions. Flowers and mothers add colors to our lives and leave their happy tints with us to follow a trail that helps you to discover nothing but the best of you.

Flowers are a traditional Mother's Day gift, and they're the best way to honor the most important woman in your life on that particular day. On Mother's Day, you might consider giving your mother a bouquet of flowers as a simple present. Still, it is actually the ideal gift that can brighten her special day with happy memories. 

This Mother's Day, give your mom an everlasting gift of unique sola wood flowers that she will remember and keep with her for the rest of her life.

Why sola wood flowers are the best gift for mothers?

There are many explanations for why wood flowers are the best gift you can give your mother. Some of the common reasons may be:

·        They are handmade:

Wood flowers are made from the bark of a tree named balsa tree. These faux flowers made from natural material are completely handmade involve no complex machinery to craft. This method of making wood flowers is so creative. Every single bloom manufactured is totally customized with a natural-looking appearance.

·        They are non-materialistic:

It is a gesture that is way more thoughtful than any other gift. When people think of buying a gift, they think of something expensive, something that will put a big smile on the recipient's face right away. But the truth is that such gifts are often materialistic and meaningless. Flowers, on the other hand, have a symbolic value. When you give your mother a bouquet of sola wood flowers on Mother's Day, she will feel extra special.

·        They may or may not have a pleasant scent:

Real flowers smell nice, and so are the wood flowers, only if you wish them to be. These blooms have no natural scent, but pouring a few drops of essential oils makes these blooms unique enough to refresh the mind with their lovely scent. The allure of flowers is undeniable, and fragrant flowers can lift a person's spirits just by smelling them. The fragrance disappears within a few months, but you can again add drops of any essential oil that you like to refresh their smelling feature.

·        They demonstrate everlasting care and concern:

Flowers defy materialism, and each bouquet symbolizes something special as well as your thoughtfulness. You chose wood flowers because you are caring. A bouquet of flowers is a non-materialistic gift since it is inexpensive, and selecting the right flower takes time and effort. It's less about the flowers themselves and more about the message they represent.

·        They never compromise the beauty of the environment:

Wood flowers are 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable with their everlasting vibrant appearance. Sola wood flowers are not only beautiful to look at, but they also brighten up any space for a much longer time. Give your mother a bouquet and observe how her face brightens.

Best wood flowers for Mother's Day this year!

Mother's Day is devoted to celebrating someone who has become and continues to be one of our most significant individuals. For all of the time, attention, and nurturing she's given us over the years, she deserves a present that will pay tribute to her sacrifices and efforts for us for a very long time.

Here are a few of the most popular sola wood flowers that you can choose from for this Mother's Day:

1.    Wooden Roses:

Roses are a woman's everlasting obsession, and red roses are typically the symbol of romantic love. For your lovely mother, it is good to consider choosing another color such as yellow, pink, or orange rambler roses convey your gratitude and pleasure in having her as your mother.

2.    Carnations:

Just imagine when your mother will receive a wooden bouquet of white carnations, she will most probably go back to your good childhood memories with her. Carnations are considered the official flower of this Mother's Day for a long time. You are free to choose red or pink carnation also.

3.    Daisies:

Sola wood daisies are indicative of purity and sweetness. Daisies are the right choice for a mother who is easygoing, polite, and uncomplicated. Choose white daisies or a cheerful bouquet to brighten her day. You can share your respect for her with gorgeous daisies as the amazing woman she is.

4.    Tulips:

A sola wood bouquet of tulips in the rainbow color can simply cherish your mother with their fresh and vibrant appearance.

5.    Orchids:

Does your mother have an exotic taste? If yes, than Orchids can be the ideal flower option for her. Get sola wood double stemmed orchids to gift her because they will look simply stunning in a beautifully decorated home.

6.    Gladiolus:

What do you think about giving magnificent gladiolus flowers to your mother that symbolizes honor, pride, and faithfulness? These blooms are also a symbol of the strength of character. These flowers are situated vertically on a long stalk. This appearance of these flowers makes these blooms especially eye-catching.

7.    Anthurium:

The waxy leaves and petals of the anthurium make it a lovely flower. You should get your mother a bunch of sola wood anthurium roses, which she can appreciate and love right away for months or years to come.

8.    Lisianthus:

Lisianthus is an excellent present for a mother who appreciates beautiful, exquisite, and attractive flowers. Wooden lisianthus flowers can be found in single colors, multicolored bouquets, or mixed bouquets.


Sending flower to your mother on this Mother's Day can be a totally new experience for both of you and your mother with these sola wood flowers. The durability, beauty, and affordability of wood flowers are the features that will surely motivate you to make these blooms a perfect gift for your mom on this Mother's Day. Don't forget to write a note with a few words telling your mother how much you're caring and incredible mother means to you.

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