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May 03, 2020 2 min read

Having issues when planning your wedding is not easy, right? Imagine dealing with hundreds of weddings then. Your local wedding vendors, would they be providing sola wood wedding flowers, venues, organizational services, or catering, are facing huge losses every day and trying their best to navigate the situation. However, you, as a couple, should be understanding, supportive, and appreciative of their efforts. After all, weddings are all about love, and there was no better time to express your love to the world than today. So, how can you support and thank your wedding vendors?

Positive Feedback

Tell the world how great your local wedding vendors are so that once the pandemic is over, other couples would hire them. As the economy is slowing down, every client will be vital for your vendors. If you have already received a bunch of your sola wood roses or tasted your wedding cake, leave a positive review, and describe the service. Also, make sure to emphasize how flexible and caring your vendors were (if they are like that, of course) during the coronavirus pandemic.

Early Payment

You have a due date for payments in your contract, and nobody will be mad if you paid your bill on the last day. However, it would mean a lot to small businesses if you could pay a bit earlier and help them fight with liquidity problems. Of course, that only applies if you have that extra money stored somewhere and can afford to pay now. Always remember that this type of act can save your local sola wood wedding bouquets provider or wedding organizer who has no new clients lately.

Shout Out

Tell your family, friends, and engaged couples about the vendor that helped you out the most during the difficult times. After all, if your wedding vendor was able to remain calm, collected, and professional during the COVID-19 pandemic, you can be sure that they are like that all the time. Spread the word about your wedding vendors, especially if they are small. This way, you might help to save a local business that provides happiness to new families!

A Small Gift of Appreciation

No one is having this pandemic easy, so we have to stay strong and stick together. Your wedding vendors will pray for you to stay friendly and thoughtful, so think about sending them a small gift of appreciation. It doesn't have to be anything big. For example, you can send your sola wood wedding flowers provider a small wooden bouquet, which you shaped yourself, showing how much you like their flowers. Also, add a letter to your gift, explaining how you value the hard work that your vendor puts in. Not only that will tighten your bond, but that will also inspire your wedding vendors to stay positive and provide excellent service.

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