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March 10, 2020 2 min read

Technically sola wood is a plant by the name of Tapioca plant that is wildly grown in marshy areas and its wood is the lightest know wood. It is also termed as sola or shoal wood. Its outer bark is removed for many times, and then its cork-like, creamy center reveals. Fragile sheets are made of this soft center, and then these sheets are transformed into sola wood flowers. Every single sola wood flower is handmade crafted with lots of care and attention, and then we get these beautiful and elegant wooden flowers.

Sola skin flowers:

During the formation of sheets, if the bark is still present, the flowers appear two-toned, and these wooden flowers are known as sola skin flowers.

How to make wooden flowers?

All wooden flowers are individually crafted and do not require any machines. To craft sola flowers, the tools required are:

  • Pieces of balsa wood
  • A pair of scissors
  • A hot glue gun and glue stick
  • A hand plane

Steps to create sola wooden flowers:

There are three main steps to craft and complete sola wood flowers:

Step 1: Shavings

With the help of a hand, the plane creates shavings that are relatively thick, and this thickness must be the same for every single shave. Separate the useable pieces while the rest will be used in the base.

Step 2: Craft the petals:

With the help of scissors, cut each shaving into the shape of petals. It is advised to cut a flat edge instead of making it pointy as it will be glued later. The curls and grins should run along the width of petals, and imperfect and varied size petals look more real and natural, so there is no need to be too much accurate.

Step 3: Shape the flower:

Initially, take smaller wood petals and roll them to create the center of the flower. With the help of a blob of a hot glue gun, stick the floral pieces to the base. To separate the flower easily from the bottom, it is good to use tape with the support. By repeating the attachment of petals with the center, creates a complete sola wood flower of the required size. To avoid uneven curling of leaves due to moisture, finish the flower with lacquer spray.

Dye sola wooden flowers:

With the help of crafts, acrylic paints mixed in some warm water, it is so easy to dye sola wood flowers in any color. There are almost tons of color options available in acrylic paints, and they are straightforward to find and so affordable too. Spray paints, watercolors, spray paints, fabric dye, and latex paints are some other options to paint sola wood flowers.

A word from woodflowers.com:

Sola wood flowers are so beautiful, elegant, and lightweight. These wooden flowers are affordable and durable, so that it can be a must part of every celebration. Wooden flowers allow you to create amazing crafts, floral arrangements, and DIY projects. Woodflowers.com has an incredible range of sola wood flowers in a countless variety of colors, and customized floral arrangements can also be provided.

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