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March 09, 2020 3 min read

Choices are endless!

Roses are elegant, romantic, and symbols of love and intimacy. Roses are one of the most popular flower options for classic and traditional weddings. These are always in season flower, available in many colors, and not only they are beautiful on their own, but complement other flowers also very well.

Although these all qualities make it a perfect choice for brides, but they are delicate to handle, and petals get damaged or fall down easily, and above all, their wilting, drying and dying makes brides sad and heavy. Why don’t you try sola wood roses?

Sola wood roses are equally amazing and stunning as the original blooms, with the additional properties of durability, pollen allergy-free, and long-lasting beauty and color. Wooden roses are available in any color you can hardly think for an original rose. These roses wooden are easy to add in any floral arrangement and table centerpieces. If you are planning for a floral wall, sola wood roses offer the glamorous and picture-perfect appearance to it.

Sola roses are affordable plus incredibly versatile, and being part of a bridal bouquet, these are love angels that not only add a spark of love and affection on the big day but as a keepsake, it will remind the blossoming love and together ever after promises. Here are some brilliant wooden bridal rose bouquet ideas you can pick the perfect one for your big day.

  • Composite wood rose bouquet:

Sola wood flowers are just perfect for composite bouquets because of their durability. These bouquets are also known as ‘’Glamelia’’ and to design it, hundreds of rose petals need to be arranged and wired in a way to create a composite or unanimous look. A composite rosewood bouquet not only looks unique but enhances the style and looks of a bride.

  • A bouquet in shades of purple:

A bouquet designed in any traditional and classic shape with having sola wood roses in shades of purple is so captivating. Of course, it is not possible to get purple roses with light to dark shades. Wood roses can fulfill this dream of yours by providing sophisticated purple wooden roses with many shades of purple.

  • White roses wood bouquet:

White roses are the symbol of purity and innocence, and these represent the divine power of love. For brides being in love with this quality of white roses can go with an incredible white sola rose bouquet. This bouquet can be a perfect keepsake of your wedding memories, and who knows on your 25th wedding anniversary, you will celebrate your togetherness with this white rose’s wooden bouquet.

  • A paired wood rose bouquet:

Roses are beautiful when they are alone, but they enhance the beauty of other blooms when getting in paired with. Sola wood roses paired with sola wood sunflowers, white sola roses with stunning pops of green, or maybe sola wood roses and blue hydrangea, there are countless options. Roses can easily adjust with any other flowers and enhance the complete appearance dramatically.

A word form woodflowers.com:

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