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April 19, 2020 2 min read

Since the dark ages, man has searched for everything that could benefit no matter if it's about lighting a fire by friction of stones or making the use of mud to build homes. This thirst to discover new things lead man to look and find new things around him. This could be simple and complex both. When it comes to making discoveries, the ever-burning need made the desire to look into the plants for benefits. As soon as people started making researches on plants, so many herbal medicines came to the market that could treat lots of maladies that were once thought to be incurable. Far and wide, the hunger to discover new things one day came up with the discovery of something that later turned to create artistic masterpieces by the craftsperson. Yes! You might be guessing it right. We are talking about tapioca woodThis wood is extracted out of the bark of a plant which is widely grown in western areas of the globe. As things got commercialize, these woods were started getting more worth because of the features and qualities that it possesses. Whereas, today, tapioca wood is one of the most in-demand woods throughout the world.

Tapioca wood

This wood is not new in the discovery, but the benefits that have been cherished since long are the critical points for its increased demand. Although, people have recognized its significance maximally, yet there is the high side left. Following are some most modern benefits that we find from tapioca wood:

Sola wood wedding bouquet

It is often called as sola wood. These beautiful bark woody pieces are taken down and take into the account for creating sola wood wedding bouquet. These are very widely used nowadays because brides look for things that can highlight their whole look and give them a complete feeling of a fairy tale wedding.

Roses of wood

Whenever we see roses or anyone gifts us, we always crave to save them as it is for years. But, of course, it is not possible. They start to get dried and wasted as soon as it moisture evaporates. What if you could save those roses for years? Yes, you can. These roses of wood can be made by using tapioca wood can could be preserved for years. How lovely it feels to remind your self about those years after they were offered.

Eco friendly

Since the globalization, earth has been the victim of mans' cruelty. The pollutants are so widespread everywhere on the planet that they nullify the beauty. In such a condition, tapioca wood is nothing lesser than a blessing because you can make eco flower bouquet out of them. They are natural to carry and even biodegradable if your burry them in soil.


When we want to have the best in our life, we must look for little things to get compiled and be great for us. Use of tapioca wood, especially to make wood flowers is an excellent opportunity to do so. Hence, as you have realized its importance, start making its use and do miracles with your hand from today.

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