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April 20, 2020 3 min read

We have written before that you might need to postpone your wedding because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, that doesn't mean that your original wedding day should become a sad and depressing moment. Instead, you adapt to the situation and have some fun with your future partner by doing something fun and memorable. Do you already have all the sola wood wedding flowers delivered? Decorate your home to look like a wedding venue. Is the wedding cake already ordered? Don't cancel the order and have fun eating it. Here are a few more tips:

Virtual Party

Social distancing doesn't mean that you cannot call all your friends and have a huge virtual party with drinks, food, games, and decorations (sola wood wedding boutonnieres, centerpieces, candles, etc.). Most of your friends and family will probably have enough free time to join the call/party, so it can become a great way to brighten your quarantine. Also, even your friends who live abroad and couldn't have made it to the wedding would have a chance to celebrate with you.

Sola Wood Flowers and Cake

As we have already mentioned, you don't have to cancel all the orders for your wedding just yet. You can easily get the wedding cake delivered to your house and eat it alone with your partner in a bedroom which you decorate with sola wood wedding flowers. That sounds like a guilty pleasure that most of us would love to do, so can it be a better time than your original wedding day to actually go for it? And the best part is that you will have enough cake to slam each other's face with it numerous times. We don't know if anyone still does these things in real life, but why not?

Write Love Letters

Your love did not get postponed. Even though it might be stressful and sad that your wedding has to be postponed, you should remember the most important part – your other half. A great way to show your partner how much you love them is to write a sincere love letter. Let's face it – we all have enough free while staying at home. So, if there is ever a good time to write love letters, it is now.

Get Drunk

Yes, you can! After you finish eating your wedding cake and shaping sola wood wedding flowers, you might as well make yourself your favorite cocktail. And you should not feel any guilt about it. Have fun. After all, it is your wedding date, isn't it?

Watch Old Photos

You must have tons of wonderful memories throughout the years. Can it be a better moment to remember all of them? Get together with your partner and watch old photos/videos all the way from your first date until today. And after you are done, make sure to have a small photo session, which would one day remind you about the time when you had to postpone your wedding. It might not seem like something funny now, but it might impress your grandkids one day!

Get Married at Home

You can afford to let an officiant enter your home. And that is all you need to get married. Make a wedding venue from your living room by adorning it with sola wood roses and say YES. Once you are officially married, you can throw a celebration party at any time after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

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