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July 12, 2020 4 min read

Use sola wood flowers in a more innovated way!

Sola wood flowers have contributed a lot in the massive revival of artificial flowers. There is a lot of excitement about it! People are changing their point of view towards faux or fake flowers more positively. Sola wood flowers have changed the perception of real and faux flowers as they are an intermediate between original and false blooms. 

Sola wood flowers are a beautiful combination of nature and human skills. These blooms are originated from a natural product called Balsa tree wood and then crafted and transformed by humans into mimics of natural flowers. 

Using artificial flowers instead of the original blooms is trending high. Sola wood flowers have occupied the event decoration and wedding decoration industries as the ultimate winners. Now the use of wooden blooms is becoming a regular part of the interior decoration industry, for gift purpose, and on other celebration events. The affordability, variety, reliability, and versatility are few amazing features of these blooms made of wood. These are pollen-free and allergen-free that is why sola wood flowers are emerging as a perfect health-friendly floral option. 

If you are passionate about having color pops throughout your home, and also want a low cost to decorate any upcoming event at your home, sola wood artificial flowers are the best option for you. There are many ways to use sola wood flowers in various interior designs and home decoration floral projects. Here it is a list of few innovative ways to use sola wood flowers in your home. These are just a few inspirational ideas, while for you, the sky is the limit:

Sola wood hanging flowers:

Imagine looking up just laying on a couch lost in thought, and seeing a canopy of flowers hanging above you. Hanging flowers is an excellent decorative look for your restroom or the dining room. Using these artificial flowers as a hanging arrangement can bring a fresh and colorful change to your house. Using floral items as chandeliers improve the looks of your house and bringing colors inside your house make your home a place. Changing sola wood flowers according to the season is also a good idea. You can keep these old blooms for next season as they never go out of fashion.

Revamp your lamps:

Options that are used for lighting for the home can be boring, but now you can revamp your lampshades by using sola wood flowers. These sola wood flowers can become a unique addition to your little fairies bedroom lampshades. Using sola wood flowers is an easy option to bring colors and sparkles to the boring lighting options in your house. 

Floral cloche for your dining table:

Sola wood flowers look amazingly real, but their durability allows you to use these wooden blooms anywhere at any time in the house. One of the beauties of fake flowers is that they can be used anywhere at any time in the house. The best part of using sola wood flowers is that you don’t need to keep them watering, putting these in sunlight, or they also not wilt or dry. A cloche is s Disney item that can be used perfectly to bring colors of nature in your house. 

Napkin rings with sola flowers:

Using metallic rings for napkins is a common practice you observe in many homes, but what do you think about altering this metallic version with floral napkin rings? Use floral napkin rings with having a sola wood flower, and a silk ribbon can be so elegant, unique, and quirky accessory for a dinner date you are planning for.

Fairy lights with flowers:

Light and colors are the perfect combinations of beauty and shine. These fairy lights are an essential part of garden parties, and these can brighten up a teenager’s room by creating a dreamy environment. Using sola flowers encasing individual bulb creates a magical combination of beauty and light that is simply irresistible to avoid.

Wall art with sola flowers:

Floral walls are becoming a must part of every wedding ceremony as they provide the best background to enhance the beauty of wedding photographs and an event. Simply arrange sola flowers to create a floral wall and arrange them in a shadow box frame to make an excellent addition to your home décor. 


Hanging garlands look so fascinating for an event and using flowers coordinating with event theme appear so magical. Using these floral garlands at your home entrance create a welcoming effect. Sola flowers feel so real and create a beautiful entrance view.

Birdcages with flowers:

Sola wood flowers can be used as a part of unique centerpieces to enhance the looks of your sitting room. Use birdcage to set a sola wood flower arrangement as a centerpiece. Hanging these cages along with your windows is, of course, an excellent option too.

Floral wall hangings with baskets:

You can use sola wood flowers arranged in straw baskets to hang on a wall just outside your house. This outdoor floral arrangement looks so real and attractive. You can stick a few artificial butterflies also to create a more realistic look.

Potted plants with sola flowers:

Indoor potted flowers need a lot of care and attention from you, and it is a tough job to keep them fresh. Now you can place potted flowers inside your house with no such care. Putting sola wood flower stems in a pot looks so realistic, and you also have no need to worry about their fertilizer, water, and sunlight.


Sola wood flowers are stunningly perfect to meet up all your needs for decorating your house indoor. The durability of these flowers allows you to perform various experiments with these blooms. Woodflowers.com provides you with beautifully crafted sola wood flowers in every color and design you want. The award-winning wooden flowers by woodflowers.com are so real in looks and amazingly affordable too. Woodflowers.com has a complete range of wooden flowers arranged in every color and design to fulfil your needs.

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