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July 13, 2020 4 min read

Wedding is not about an event of a few hours, but it involves hard work and tireless efforts of months. One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is choosing the bridal bouquet and flowers for wedding decorations. 

You will find thousands of varieties of flowers to choose from that is quite a hectic job to decide. Another issue is the budget restrictions that do not allow you to go with some unique kind of flowers for wedding decorations and bridal bouquet. After all your efforts and hard work when you get the result, it only lasts for a few hours of the occasion ideally. In the case of having an outdoor wedding, harsh sunlight or rain can spoil the preparations even just before or during the event.

Need a solution?

It’s time to replace your real flower options with sola wood flowers. These flowers are the perfect replacement for real wedding flowers that can solve all your problems regarding budget and short life of original blooms.

Sola wood flowers are not the original blooms technically, but you can also not call them faux or artificial ultimately. These are flowers made from the bark of a plant called ‘’Tapioca’’. These blooms are originating from the thin ivory color shavings of the bark of tapioca plant. This natural raw material makes these flowers bio-degradable and eco-friendly.

To transform the wooden shavings into sola wood flowers, no machines are used. These blooms are handcrafted, and that’s why they look more original and realistic. Sola wood flowers are wooden blooms, but they are not hard at all their softness, elegance, and aesthetic beauty mesmerizes the viewers. It is so difficult to differentiate between real flowers and sola wood flowers unless you touch these color pops. These flowers are the best option for any occasion, especially weddings, because of their outstanding features:

  • Sola wood flowers can be dyed easily in any color you wish.
  • These faux flowers are entirely identical to real flowers, but their price is so affordable.
  • Sola wood flowers are durable and long-lasting, so you can use these blooms in different floral arrangements and DIY projects after the event.
  • Sola wood bridal bouquet can be a perfect keepsake of colorful memories associated with your wedding day.
  • There are no restrictions on the seasonal availability of wooden blooms. These are available in all four seasons of the year.
  • These are artificial blooms with no pollen allergy issues, so it can be easily used without facing any allergens and sneezing.
  • Sola flowers can also work as scent diffusers so you can get scented flowers also if you want.

Sola wood flowers have solved most of your overwhelming issues regarding floral arrangements, cost factors, and durability issues. But picking the perfect flower option for your wedding day is still a problem to solve. To narrow down your options, and help you to pick the best sola wood flower for your big day, take a look at this guide to the different kinds of wedding flowers:

Top 07 wood flower options for your wedding:

1.    Wooden Roses:

Roses are the most popular flower option for wedding flowers. Roses symbolize love, romance, passion, and sensation. Brides are in love with roses because of their royal appearance and availability in a variety of colors. 

2.    Wooden Hydrangeas:

 Real Hydrangeas come in blue, white, and various shades of pink. But sola wood Hydrangeas have no restrictions of colors, and you can get these blooms in any color that suits your wedding theme. These are large flowers, so they create an impression of fullness. Adding these flowers in your bridal bouquet can fill up a significant amount of space with so much grace and elegance.

3.    Sola Wood Calla Lilies:

This uniquely shaped flower is often associated with luxury and elegance. Clean and simple lines of these flowers look merely fantastic in art deco inspired weddings. Although most brides choose creamy white calla lilies, sola wood calla lilies in orange, deep purple, and yellow colors and add a magical effect to your wedding. It is one of few expensive flowers so using sola wood calla lilies can be amazingly beneficial.

4.    Wooden Sunflower Blooms:

Sunflower are summer wedding flowers, but what to do if you are planning for a summer theme wedding in winters? No need to worry when sola wood flowers are there to make your wish come true. Sunflowers symbolize happiness, so they are a perfect option for a wedding day. Wooden sunflowers are available in original size for centerpieces and bridal bouquets. Sunflowers in small sizes are also available for boutonnieres and corsages. These are typically less expensive, and with sola wedding sunflowers brides can control their wedding budget more efficiently.

5.    Sola Wood Tulips:

Though tulips are unofficial flowers of spring, now you can add a touch of tulips at your wedding in any season. Tulips are available in many different colors naturally, including pink, white, magenta, red, and purple. Still, sola wood tulip flowers enhance color options to complement almost any wedding theme. The affordability of sola wood tulips makes tulips a big hit with brides.

6.    Sola Wood Orchid:

Orchids are perfect for tropical weddings, and it is excellent to pick Orchids as exotic flowers to fit in the theme. This flower comes in a variety of colors, including purple, white, and green. Orchids are ideal for bouquets and centerpieces. Some brides love to carry a single orchid with them down the aisle instead of carrying an entire bouquet.

7.    Carnation:

The carnation is an inexpensive flower that can be used to add fullness to centerpieces without going over budget. These flowers come in countless different colors, so it’s relatively simple to choose a carnation that will complement your wedding theme. Although the carnation works well for all different types of weddings, it has become increasingly popular among couples who are planning vintage-inspired weddings.


Sola wood flowers are the best substitute for original blooms in every way. Woodflowers.com is an online floral shop that is serving its customers with the best wooden wedding blooms.

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