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March 15, 2021 4 min read

Proposing your girl with flowers in hand and spell the words “will you marry me”. This is what every girl dream for and remains to wait for these most precious moments of her life. Flowers create festivity, joy, beauty, and romance!

It is why most romantic wedding proposals and flowers go hand in hand, so why do you leave them there?

Giving flowers to somebody is a romantic gesture that's been common for hundreds of years. Flowers have their own language, and each flower has its meaning. It can be an excellent idea to integrate flowers into your wedding proposal, exceptionally if you choose flowers that express how you feel.

Each proposal is so particular based on your partner's desires, personality likes, and dislikes, but a proposal idea of adding some brightest blooms will surely help you get the eyeballs rolling. Instead of only handing over a bouquet, make it a part of the case. On this Valentine's Day, when Love is in the air and flowers are all around, you just take part in it all and propose to your soul mate!

Flowers are great for every reason, but they are particularly important when it comes to letting your loved one know that you love them. Then why don't some really impressive and long-lasting flowers support you with your proposal?

Express your feelings with sola wood flowers:

Sola wood flowers are faux blooms, but it doesn't mean you are compromising your Love and romance with these faux blooms. In fact, sola wood flowers provide you more than enough reasons to give preference to these sola wood flowers on real blooms.

These flowers are made of a 100% natural material (the bark of balsa tree wood), so these are equally natural as real blooms. These flowers are eco-friendly, pollen-free, allergen-free, fragrance-free (optional), and available every season within the affordable budget range.

It is easy to dye these flowers made of wood with the acrylic paint, watercolors, oil paint, or fabric paint, so you can imagine wood flowers in almost every natural and artificial color you want.

Do you know the best part?

It is really heartbreaking to see your proposal, flowers dying and drying. But sola wood flowers never wilt, dry, or die, which means you are opting for a durable substitute of real blooms that are not only natural looking with an astonishing resemblance with real flowers, but their beauty, elegance, and colors will remain forever with you. It can be ideal for the keepsake of the most beautiful and cherished memories of those happy moments when he was on his knees in front of you!

Ways to make sola wood flowers a part of your proposal:

Here are some excellent suggestions that will make your most emotionally rich moments of your life memorable for the rest of your life!

·       A proposal embedded with wood flowers!

So, your lady is expecting a velvet-lined box with a ring!

But why go with her expectations in the usual way. Belittle unpredictable and give her a pleasantly shocking surprise with sola wood flowers. The right flower will make the ideal platform for the engagement ring. Place your ring in the middle of a sunflower, or tuck it in the hardy folds of a succulent. You may nest your showpiece in a moss bed, lay it gracefully between the folds of a rose, or shape it into an orchid necklace. Your loved one would be surprised to discover their ring displayed in such a lovely way.

While choosing a bouquet to present proposal ring or picking a single flower to hide the ring, try to select engagement or romantic flowers to boost this special occasion's sentiments.

·       Down on one knee with wood blooms:

Why is it always necessary to go with tradition?

If you are trying to get down on one knee to propose to your lady love (or it can be same for your Mr. Right), it's easy to add flowers with the whole ritual in the most artistic way. Get a bouquet of sola wood roses that you can customize according to your preferences from woodflowers.com. No need to follow the rules, but you can choose wooden roses in any color rather than red roses. No need of handing over what was available from the florist that day, but improve the idea by choosing long-lasting and evergreen sola wood flowers that really mean something.

Follow the rules of "Floriography" ( the language of flowers) as it is a wonderful idea to hold in mind when you are selecting a bouquet. Some of the options can be:

  • You can't go wrong with red wooden roses, as they called the Lover's Rose.
  • Pick red tulips that show meanings "a declaration of love."
  • Pink peonies are also best as they symbolize romance and wealth

You can avail the opportunity to further develop your message by arranging wood flowers that will fully personalize your feelings. Choose white Chrysanthemums to demonstrate your allegiance with Love and sincerity – their white stock symbolizes a happy life. You can also pick sola wood pink orchids that convey charm and purity in your relationship.

·       A bed of flowers!

If you are thinking of creating a statement scene with flowers or using only their petals, remember where you are going to be for your proposal date!

Are you suggesting to the windswept plain?

Outside the subway station!

An unfettered beach! Or

Where you kiss each other for the very first time?

Before you arrange a pathway of rose petals or build a massive heart of wood flowers for the two of you to come together, make it sure that:

  • You are allowed to do so at that place or not
  • You have a clean-up strategy after your date

If that is out of the way, choose flowers or floral pieces that will fit better in the room you have selected to stage your plan. Create a flower path from doorstep to the dinner table and candles on both sides of the floral path. You can also hang beautiful wind chimes to create musical surroundings all around you.

Good Luck!

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