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January 04, 2021 4 min read

The ultimate season for weddings is spring! It is no wonder that over 20 percent of to-be-weddings always select spring as their nuptial month, for this time of year allows for warmer weather and incredible practical blooms.

If you have already started planning a spring wedding, then when it comes to the specifics, you know that flowers can be a delicate topic; there are a lot of factors to consider like:

  • Color schemes to comply with
  • Budget allocation
  • Venue possibilities
  • Display choices and a lot more.

For your wedding flower arrangement, you have a plethora of seasonal flowers that you can use. There are perfect pinks, calming blues, and attractive purples—all of which make for a bridal bouquet that is bright and cheerful.

But, you should consider using sola wood flowers or other fake floral arrangements for your wedding if you want to save money and prevent any allergies. A better alternative to traditional wedding decor could be fake flowers.

While Mother Nature boasts a colorful array of stunning, nontraditional blooms and foliage during spring months, working with artificial flora allows you the ability to play with her beauty while fooling admiring guests at your most joyous affair.

In fact, sola wood artificial flowers have become even more popular in the wedding market due to the fact that they’re a more sustainable option while delivering more consistent quality and flexibility than living flowers would provide. Woodflowers.com is sharing a couple of ideas here on when and how to use fake flowers in your wedding decor.

Tips to Create a Beautiful Faux Flower Arrangement

There is a lot of hard work involved in developing a wedding flower arrangement that perfectly complements your style and personality. However, you'll be able to create elegant faux flower arrangements that light up the room with their elegance and evergreen beauty. Here are a few ideas that can help before you begin picking out silk flowers for your wedding:

·       Do your research

There is a range of choices available, from fake flower bouquets packed with beautiful sweet peas to a few stems of roses. One of the biggest days of your life is your wedding day, so make sure you spend plenty of time studying the various fake flowers you can use and the kind of supplies you will need. This will show you various perspectives and encourage you to develop a style of your own.

·       Keep your budget in mind

While the option of flowers that are readily available on the local market can be enticing, these flowers may be a little pricey. You should explore the concept of using fake flowers in bulk for your wedding if you wish to make your bouquet or flower arrangement on a budget.

·       Keep it simple

For your fake flower arrangements, try to keep them as plain as possible, whether you're combining single-colored or multicolored flowers choose color combinations that complement each other and are happily colorful. Most importantly, when picking the blooms for your sola wood flower bouquet and arrangements, be sure to keep your wedding dress in mind so that nothing conflicts. You can make the most stunning bridal party bouquets and fake floral arrangements for a perfect wedding that you can remember for the rest of your life by following these ideas and tips.

·       Quality is important

Everybody wants to look picture-perfect on their wedding day; every fine detail is so well planned - and put just as much work into each of the fake replicas. That's why selection of high-quality wood flowers is important to add prestige to your wedding decorations. So if fake beauties do not meet your standards –you may have the option to replace them.

·       A faux-ever gift

You should expect to be overwhelmed with sola wood flowers at the end of your nuptial day because artificial flowers are forever; so instead of letting them go to waste, why not give them up to your guests as a party favor. This would not only make it possible for your day's memory to live on faux ever, but to serve with those you love as a token of your most memorable day.

It can be overwhelming to plan a wedding, and since there are many sola wood flowers to choose from, you might feel a little more overwhelmed. When it comes to making your sola wood flower bouquets if you're not sure where to start, here are some tips to follow to make the perfect bridal bouquet.

Ideas for a blooming wedding sola wood flower bouquet

You can let your imagination and ingenuity run wild as you arrange them if you happen to buy any of the flowers mentioned above. Since there are several different flower combinations to choose from, here is a short overview of a few ideas to make the most beautiful and extraordinary sola wood flower bouquets.

·       Using the springtime blossoms of lush and loose

A colorful and lush faux flower arrangement can be produced by bringing together pink sweet peas, peach ranunculus, coral charm peonies, white garden roses, and eucalyptus greenery. To improve its reddish to pinkish appeal, you can also slip in a few pink and white dahlias.

For your arrangements, suggest an all-in-one mix of fake succulents.

By combining the richest of the lot together, you can create a fresh take on fake succulent plants. Matching pink peonies, cherry red ranunculus, and a few sprays of silver dollar eucalyptus is one way to make touching sola wood flower bouquets.

·       Bring together the Same-Color family

It can make any bridal bouquet look chic and colorful by combining wood flowers from the same color family, but with different hues.

It is just a "wow" concept.

·       Play with the whites and greens

When making a floral arrangement that contrasts with your wedding gown, there's nothing wrong. You may knot up a green bouquet of viburnum, ferns, tulips, spirea, garden roses, privet berry, and eucalyptus, for example, to happily contrast a regal blue gown or use colorful flowers to offset an ivory gown in the same shade range.

·       A rustic appeal experiment

You can go beyond the normal and make silk flower bouquets that display some very extraordinary blooms that are more rural yet elegant. One way you can do this is to make a beautiful combination of cream, peach, and white by making an arrangement of roses, sweet pea, and Queen Anne's lace.

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