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March 24, 2020 2 min read

Sola wood flowers are not real or genuine flowers. They look like real flowers. People made them from a specific wood named as tapioca or balsa. They are made from the bark due to which they stay soft and comfortable to handle. People can get these flowers in any color. It doesn't mean that they come in color. The real color of this flower is ivory but as they are made from the bark of balsa wood due to which they can get covered into any color, mostly according to the demand of our clients. These wooden flowers are trendy among those people who know the worth of money and memories—those people who love their environment.

They are environment-friendly:

These flowers are better in every way because they are biodegradable. In a place where no one cares about the earth, and people are losing their lives just because of smoke and dust, we are producing environmentally friendly flowers from the wood. As we all know that it is 100% natural and made from different sustainable materials, then try to get these flowers without wasting your time on exploring different new thing. Yes! You can go for those real and natural flowers but then here it comes again, the pollen allergy again or sometimes people don't like the smell. In every case, these sola wooden flowers are best. They can get into any shape any color in any season.

How long can they last?

We are familiar with those flowers which cannot stay for a more extended period even the silk flower cannot stay up to a year or six month. Their silk can get damaged, and they also don't look real after a specific time. These wooden flowers can stay "forever". We used the word forever because these flowers really can stay as long as a person wants them to stay. These flowers are best in every way they have beautiful color, beautiful design and then they have a long life without any damage.

How to take care of these flowers?

Taking care of these flowers is not a tough job. These flowers are adorable, so they don’t demand anything extra from you. You can keep these flowers in a vase, or you can hang them on a wall as a decoration piece. Just one thing which is essential for them to is to keep them in an open place. They can’t stay into airtight jars because they are from real wood so they will stay longer if you keep them in a free vase under cool places. These flowers can stay as long as you want just by these little precautions. Get here best deals in all designs of sola wood flowers because we have different things for our clients. We know that people have different choices; that's why we need to take care of our distinguished clients and their options. Feel free to contact us any time and order your favorite wood flowers.

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