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December 24, 2019 3 min read

Planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful. Firstly, you have to invite all the right guests to your wedding. Later, you must take care of the venue and floral arrangements. It might sound easy, but once you start exploring all the unlimited options, such as sola wood wedding flowers or natural wedding bouquets, you might get lost. On top of that, you must make sure that your wedding ceremony goes without any setbacks or surprises. If you are planning to organize the wedding ceremony on your own, start by learning the correct order of service. Gladly, most weddings follow a similar order. We are happy to break it down for you. Of course, it is your wedding, so don't be afraid to make changes!

The Processional

There would be no wedding without the bride and the groom, so it only makes sense that the wedding ceremony starts with their entrance. However, don't forget that there are many more important people (parents, officiant, bridal party, etc.) who need to walk down the aisle before the bride shows up. So, we recommend analyzing the wedding processional order, as well! Yes, weddings require a lot of preparation!

Welcoming Words

Everyone is finally at their places. The groom and the bride are ready to say YES. However, it is not yet the right time. First, we have welcoming words. It is one of the officiant's tasks, so don't worry, you won't need to say a speech just yet. Traditionally, the officiant will thank everyone for being there for the newlyweds. This part should not take too long – a few sentences are more than enough.

Officiant's Speech

After the officiant welcomes everyone to the wedding, he/she carries on to introduce everyone to the importance of marriage and how to cherish it. Furthermore, the officiant often tells a few good words about the groom, the bride, and their connection so far.


If you plan to have any readings (from religious books, your favorite love stories, or anything else you might think of), now would be a perfect time. In some cases, there will be a lot of readers, so to make things smooth, the officiant should take care of all the logistics. After all, it wouldn't be cool if your uncle would trip over the wooden wedding bouquets and twist his ankle.


It is now time for the groom and the bride to shine! Even though exchanging vows might be stressful (especially when all the loved ones are listening to every single word), there is no way to avoid this part of the ceremony. So, instead of stressing out, you should prepare your wedding vows long before the ceremony.

Exchange the Rings and Kiss

Well, once the groom and the bride are done with the hard part, it is time for them to reap the reward. Following the vows, newlyweds place the wedding rings on each other's hands. And to make it official, they kiss! Just remember, to inform the wedding photographer to be ready!

Final Words

No matter if your ceremony is religious or not, the officiant should say his final words, wishes, and blessings. Surrounded by all the wooden wedding flowers, decorations, and loved ones, it is hard not to get teary.

The Recessional

After the officiant introduces the married couple, the ceremony is officially over. While the wedding party exits the ceremony, all the guests should have their confetti or rice ready. The official part is over, and it is now time to party!

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