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July 24, 2021 4 min read

Fake plants for home décor used to have a bad name. Those days are long gone. It was mostly owing to their unnatural appearance. Fake plants have gone from being frowned upon to becoming fashionable. You might want to freshen up your living space. Designing with huge artificial plants is one of the simplest methods to convert your house into an exotic sanctuary.

Large fake plants benefit real plants without maintenance, from their seasonal availability to their continual need for upkeep. Fake plants provide peace of mind; keep the small ones safe whether you travel, have dogs, children, or have a busy travel schedule. Because certain plants are toxic, noisy pets can create many difficulties, but with fake plants, you won't have to worry about that.

Here are some professional recommendations for selecting fake plants for your home and business. This information will assist you in creating the décor of your dreams.

Plastic Plants vs. Fabric Plants:

Most of the houses have super-fake-looking silk plants all over the place, thanks to technological advancements. Artificial plants now have wonderfully realistic texture, color, and even reflecting qualities, depending on the quality of the fake plant. This is particularly true with plastic plants, which may be made using molds of genuine plants. Some are even stuffed with foam for an ultra-realistic textile quality. However, one of the primary advantages of plastic plants is that many of the popular house plants in current home décor already have a plastic appearance.

Succulents are a great example since the actual ones already appear phony, so the fake ones blend seamlessly. And, let's face it, who doesn't like succulents? Artificial plants are less prone to wear and tear than silk plants. When the leaves of a false fern are torn or bleached out by the sun, you know you're dealing with a fake.

Indoor vs. Outdoor:

While you may like the Fiddle Leaf Fig, double-check that it's suitable for outdoor use. Some big indoor fake plants may not be suited for outdoor use, and their color may fade due to exposure to the weather. This is why it's critical to seek plants labeled as UV resistant or indoor/outdoor. Artificial outdoor landscaping plants can save you money in the long term by eliminating the need for gardening. If you want to alter your yard but don't have the time, big artificial outdoor plants might help you achieve your goal.

Indoor plants are very safe to utilize and sola wood flowers are the best indoor plants with natural looking appearance and variety of color, sizes, and fragrances option.

·       Placement:

It is entirely up to you where tall artificial indoor plants should be placed. Decide where you'll put a fake floor plant if you have any spare room. Look for places that require more attention as a general guideline. A bathroom, an awkward corner, a foyer, a window, a bedroom, or a kitchen is examples. A hanging plant may make you feel better if you have a little area.

·       Quality:

You should never skimp on the quality of the fake plants you buy. They are a long-term investment; therefore, make sure the material quality is excellent before purchasing. Artificial plants that are less expensive may appear to be a tempting alternative, but sacrificing quality is not always the greatest decision for your décor.

·       Material:

This is determined by pricing, style, and personal preference. Plastic, polyester, and other high-quality materials such as silk are used to make most fake plants. Silk and plastic are the industry's standard because they provide a realistic appearance and are flexible enough to bend and shape in various postures to provide the same realistic curvature found in natural plants. When shopping for artificial plants, your goal is to find products that closely mimic nature. Polyester and plastic are your best choice if you're on a budget. Any mix of rayon, silk, and cotton fibers will suffice if you're seeking high-quality artificial plants.

If you are an environment lover and care for nature then sola wood is the best eco-friendly and bio-degradable material for artificial plants. It is inexpensive also and provides you a variety of flowers that are natural looking with countless color options.

·       Color:

Always keep in mind the concept of the décor and the vision you have in mind when selecting a fake plant. Do you want your snake plants to be dark green or yellow and light green?

Faux plants in bright colors instantly brighten up any space. If you want to add a burst of color to your home design, go for brightly colored arrangements.

·       Realistic texture:

One of the most appealing features of today's fake plants is how realistic they appear. You probably won't be able to identify the difference between the new, superior materials used today unless you truly know your way around the garden. Choose items that are as similar to their natural equivalents as possible. We propose investing in a real touch fake plant and sola wood flowers that replicates flora's natural feel if you're seeking that sense of actual texture. You can't tell they're phony because they feel so real. Look for a real touch plant and flowers with a natural trunk if you want the closest approach to the actual thing. It doesn't get any better than that, does it?

·       Style trend:

Trends change as individuals change. A new fashion trend develops one day, then the next, another. When it comes to choosing plants, having your particular taste is crucial. Your decorating style contributes to the sense of coziness that makes space seem like a home. It's easy to click and buy from all of the fashionable décors we see on social media, but keep in mind that your style is what sets you apart. You may even combine elements from several design schools.


Choosing the appropriate artificial plant for your home and workplace is a fun process with a long-term payoff, so don't be afraid to experiment until you discover one that not only looks nice but also gives you that "wow" sensation you're after.

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