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July 15, 2021 4 min read

What are your plans for this friendship day (31st July 2021)?

Celebrating Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and so on is a tradition adopted to give respect, show love, and care for the people who are very near and dear to our hearts. Friendship Day is the continuity of this amazing legacy to have a day in the year when we can refresh and strengthen up a bond with our buddies. Last year was a hell mess, and the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives completely. Social distancing, isolation at homes, no parties, no gatherings, and celebrations together have changed things completely.

This whole thing has made us away from each other. Of course, social media was a blessing for friends to stay in touch, but still, many things are changed. This year the need of celebrating friendship day is much more than ever. So be ready to express your deep sentiments and real feelings for your friends and celebrate this friendship day with flowers in a little different way.

Use flowers to make your friend smile:

Throughout the year, we all face numerous problems and some of which are more difficult than others. Whether it is everyday stress at work or home or more tragic events such as the death of a loved one, life has its bitter version for everyone. You have to deliver flowers to your buddy in need when you're not sure what else you can do to make them feel better.

Take care to think about what your buddy is going through while selecting flowers. If they have a lot of stress at work, you should send flowers to brighten up their house and give them a boost. Similarly, if they need to get through the week recently lost a loved one, for example, you should get condolence flowers.

The situation that your buddy is dealing with will also influence whether you should deliver the flowers yourself or hire a florist to do so on your behalf. For example, if you believe your buddy may benefit from some alone time, send a beautiful floral arrangement to them. You may visit them if you wish to combine the bouquet with your support and care for them. Just be careful not to overstay there and give them space to overcome out of grief.

Alstroemeria – a unique flower for friends:

One of the most popular and gorgeous flowers to gift and receive is the Alstroemeria lily. It is also known as the Peruvian lily, Lily of the Incas, and Parrot lily. Alstroemeria has around 50 different species, and all of them are somewhat different, yet they all signify the same thing. Because this Peruvian lily has no fragrance, it is great for allergy sufferers. These spectacular blossoms are not only a joy to have around the house, but the message behind them is also quite strong!

So, if you are seeking the best flower to convey your affection for a friend or spouse, look no further.

Meanings of alstroemeria flower:

Depending on the color of the alstroemeria bloom, it can have a variety of meanings. On the other hand, the lovely blossoms constantly conjure up images of friendship, love, strength, and dedication. They are frequently interpreted as a symbol of mutual assistance and the capacity to support one another through life's ups and downs. As a result, they're the ideal flower to send to express "I've got your back" or "thank you for being my rock."

Alstroemeria and friendship:

Alstromeria flowers have always been associated with friendship. They've recently gained popularity as a romantic flower, and now they are an equally popular option for wedding flowers and bridal bouquets. The definition of alstroemeria is taken from the flower's six lovely petals. These petals represent:

  • Understanding
  • Humor
  • Patience
  • Empathy
  • Dedication
  • Respect

All of these qualities collectively make a relationship called friendship represented by different petals of this bloom. Their twisted leaves are also a sign of unity, stability, and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Colors of Alstroemeria flowers and their meanings:

The color of the alstroemeria lily may be used to deduce a deeper meaning. They come in a range of bright and gorgeous colors that are perfect for expressing your true feelings to someone. There's an alstroemeria flower color for any occasion, whether it's a friendship dayflower or a symbol of romantic love.

  • White is a color that represents love, strength, support, and purity. All these qualities of white alstroemeria make it a stunning wedding flower.
  • Pink is the color associated with passion and fun. This pink alstroemeria flower is dedicated to true friendship, and when friendships blossom into love, this is the flower you present.
  • Alstroemeria in yellow color signifies pleasure and vitality, and these yellow blooms are ideal for showing a buddy how delighted you are when they make you happy.
  • If you want to symbolize passion in its alstromeria version, then choose the color red. It's a creative method to communicate "I love you" without the use of red flowers.

Sola wood Alstromeria for this friendship day:

You love your friend and want this friendship to remain always new for the rest of your life. Then this year, pay tribute to the friendship between you and your everlasting buddy with sola wood flowers. These are the blooms that have so much to describe the qualities of the friendship and bonding between you and your friend.

  • Wood flowers are durable as your friendship.
  • These are everlasting and durable, just as your friendship.
  • Wooden flowers are available in a countless variety of colors, just like the shades of your friendship.
  • Sola wood flowers are flexible and can be the part of every simple and complicated arrangement similar to your friendship that remains flexible in all evens and odds of life.

So this year, make your buddy feel even more special than ever with this stunning combination of the elegance, beauty, and symbolism of alstromeria with their durable, long-lasting, and whippy sola wood variety.

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