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April 13, 2021 5 min read

You will have a lot of options when it comes to flower decor for your wedding day! Aside from the wedding ceremony and reception flowers, you have to make one of the most important choices for wedding bouquets. Wedding bouquets are usually carried by brides, bridesmaids, and occasionally flower girls and the flower arrangements can also be reused in other aspects of the décor.

The most common questions brides ask while planning their wedding are:

  • How do I choose a wedding bouquet?
  • What are the different types of bridal bouquets?

When it is time to stroll down the aisle, every bride undoubtedly wants the perfect wedding bouquet–one deserving of a share of the spotlight when she approaches the altar. If you believe that having the perfect wedding bouquet is just a matter of picking the best flowers, you can research your choices and see what best suits you.

Factors to consider while selecting a wedding bouquet for the ceremony:

Every flower bouquet is not the same! Based on the form of the bridal bouquet and the type of flower used, a wedding bouquet may be classified as one of many types. It's entirely up to you to determine which bridal bouquet style best complements your wedding gown and ceremony style. Before choosing any bridal bouquet, it is important to consider three major factors:

1.    Color:

If you don't have a specific color scheme in mind, it is better to depend on your florist. These brides florist helps them suggest flowers that will complement their wedding color scheme, season, bridal gown, and venue. It's much cooler to have a color scheme in mind. Then floral designer would be able to narrow down flower options depending on the colors available.

2.    Shape:

A bride may be having a favorite flower in mind for the bridal bouquet, which may determine the type she picks. Round bridal bouquets perform well with roses and peonies. At the same time, brides who wish to concentrate on greenery may opt for a waterfall design or arm sheath for a more glamorous wedding or a hand-tied bouquet for an alfresco garden ceremony or rustic fête. So better choose the bouquet theme first – maybe you have always seen yourself walking down the aisle with a beautiful circular arrangement of orchids in your bouquet.

3.    Real or sola:

The selection of real or fake wedding flowers depends on three main factors:

  • Season
  • Venue
  • Wedding budget

Of course, every flower is not available for the whole year so if a particular flower is a demand, then having a sola wood flower bouquet is ideal. Wood flowers have no seasonal and color restrictions at all. Secondly, it is good to have real flowers for indoor weddings, but when the venue is outdoor or have a destination wedding, choose sola wood flowers because of their durability and long-lasting nature. The wedding budget also makes a difference. Wood flowers allow you to have full wedding flowers on a limited budget, while the fresh flowers are very expensive with a brief life span.

What are the different types of bouquets?

Bridal bouquets come in various styles, from single stem bouquets with just one kind of flower to overflowing arrangements. New trends in bridal bouquets have emerged as different wedding styles have grown in popularity over the years; however, there are a few tried-and-true classics that you see regularly.

Here's a glossary of wedding bouquets to familiarize you with the options you can choose from:

·        Bouquet in Cascading Style:

This wedding bouquet features bunches of flowers at the top that cascade down to the floor as it gets smaller. Orchids are a common choice for this style of bouquet, and they go well with simple gowns.

·        Bouquet in a Round:

Round bouquets are unquestionably one of the most popular wedding bouquets, and they are still a popular choice among brides. It's made up of loosely tied blooms that form a domed roof.

·        Pageant Bouquet:

This wedding bouquet is also known as presentation bouquets. As the name implies, it is identical to the ones that are usually offered to those that are participating in pageants. It makes a perfect wedding flower arrangement that you can hold in your arms because it is generally non-symmetrical or oblong.

·        Bouquet Biedermeier:

This is a wedding bouquet of color-coordinated rings. Use different colors of flowers for each ring to achieve an ombre effect for a bolder and more understated look.

·        Bouquet Composite:

This sort of wedding bouquet is made up of many flowers that have been clustered together to resemble a single, large flower. This is particularly ideal for creative people who want to mix and match colors in their bouquet to create a one-of-a-kind flower arrangement.

·        Hand-tied Bouquet:

This is your best option if you want a bouquet that will leave you carefree and worry-free. It is perfect for weddings with a less formal style, such as beach or rustic. Mix your favorite blooms with twine, burlap, lace, or ribbons to create a stunning hand-tied wedding bouquet–just make sure the fabrics match the overall theme exactly.

·        Bouquet de Nosegay:

It features delicate, domed bouquets best suited for plain and laid-back brides or as a floral arrangement for bridesmaids. It is a hybrid of a posy and a circular wedding bouquet.

·        Bouquet of Pomanders:

A pomander wedding bouquet is what you'll want if you want a wedding bouquet that stands out from the rest. Brides do not often wear this, but flower girls are often borne or used as aisle markers.

·        Bouquet with Posies:

This bouquet is an example of a minimalist bouquet. Unlike other wedding bouquets, this one is light enough to be held in only one hand. The affordability of this type is one of its benefits. Since you won't have to select too many flowers, you can choose more costly blooms, keeping your wedding bouquet's expense under check.


There is no right or wrong response when it comes to bouquet form. It is entirely up to you to make your decision. Season, venue, and theme of your celebration will all play a role in determining the best bouquet for your ceremony, so, as in any other aspect of the planning process, reach out to experts with the skills and knowledge required to create a one-of-a-kind day. The most important thing is that you enjoy your bridal bouquet, so make it a personal decision, much like your shoes, and strive not to let too many opinions get in the way of carrying your fantasy bouquet as you stroll down the aisle; towards your beloved!

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