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January 24, 2020 3 min read

A rehearsal dinner will probably become the kick-off of your wedding festivities. People will meet other guests, say toasts, eat delicious food, and get into a festive mood. Of course, with a wedding coming in 24 hours, you might not have the most enthusiasm for planning your rehearsal dinner. Don't worry, these days people understand how stressful it is to organize the whole wedding, so they will not expect you do throw a fancy and official rehearsal dinner. On the contrary, it becomes more and more acceptable to have a casual dinner before the wedding where all the guests can relax. You might want to throw a couple of wooden wedding bouquets to set the mood, but save your best bits for the wedding!

Who Is Planning the Rehearsal Dinner?

Traditionally, the groom's parents should plan the rehearsal dinner while the bride's parents pay for the wedding. However, people are much more flexible and liberal in the 21st century, so you can do as you wish. Just make sure to sit down with both sets of parents and discuss the best solution which would satisfy everyone. You can also split. For example, the couple can chip in for wooden wedding flowers and other decorations and let the parents cover other costs. Or, if parents are already paying for the wedding, the couple might want to pay for the rehearsal cost.

Make a Reasonable Guest List

Normally, you should invite your closest family, wedding party, and the officiant. Everyone else will most likely not be expecting the invitation to the rehearsal dinner. That said, wedding experts suggest inviting out of town guests and as many extended family members as possible. Of course, it will all come down to your budget and resources. We always encourage people to focus on quality rather than quantity, though. If you cannot afford to have a huge and fancy rehearsal dinner with lush wooden wedding centerpieces, a live band, and three meals, just opt for a simpler option with fewer people.

Think About the Theme

These days people tend to experiment with their rehearsal dinner. Instead of having a strict dress code and an official ballroom theme, couples often invite their guests to a barbecue party or sports night. A lot of people will love the idea of not getting official during the rehearsal dinner. After all, there will be a huge wedding in the upcoming 24 hours, so your guests will have a chance to showcase their best suits. That's why it would be cool to set a simple theme and let your rehearsal dinner guests dress up casually and have a good time. It will also set a relaxing tone for the whole wedding.


Don't avoid speeches during your rehearsal dinner. It would be best if both the groom and the bride say a couple of words throughout the evening. Also, the mic should always be open for courageous people who want to say a toast or do some friendly roasting. These things can really bond everyone and create unforgettable moments. Of course, if your drunk uncle cannot finish his speech in 20 minutes, it might be a good idea to turn off his mic.

Have Fun

Tomorrow (or maybe a day after tomorrow) is a big day, and you have to be ready for it. That is why your rehearsal dinner should not become some kind of commitment or duty. Instead, look at it as one more chance to have fun with your closest family and friends. Buy some sola wood wedding flowers to create a festive atmosphere, get yourself a drink, and go to interact with your guests!

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