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January 23, 2020 2 min read

We understand that every couple thinks that their wedding is the most beautiful and special in the world. After spending months planning the whole ceremony, booking the venue, crafting invitations, and shaping sola wood wedding flowers, it makes sense to be proud of your achievements. However, every other couple is probably going through similar experiences. So, if you want to impress your friend who has been to ten weddings this season only, you will have to stay authentic and pay attention to details. Believe us – a few elegant touches can make or break your wedding. Here a few ideas on how to stand out from other weddings. You want your guests to talk about the wedding for years to come, right?

Decorate the Environment

If your wedding is taking place in summer, embrace the season and use it as your advantage. There are plenty of seasonal decorations that will adorn your wedding. On top of that, you can choose wooden wedding flowers instead of fresh ones. It will allow you more freedom as you can shape wooden wedding flowers into anything you want.

Also, if your wedding is taking place outside, make sure that every area is shaded. The last thing you would want is for your guests to get a heat stroke.

Create Memorable Favors

Try to have favors that your guests could use at the wedding. For example, you might want to consider hats. Not only will everyone look funny and happy in the pictures, but it will also provide shade during the sunny day.

Refreshing Drinks!

This one is a must! Remember that during summer, everyone gets thirsty all the time. Your guests will come to the wedding all dressed up and fancy, so you don't want them to be sweating inside those uncomfortable cocktail pants. Provide refreshing drinks from the beginning of the ceremony and invite your guests to take a sip.

Wooden Wedding Bouquets

We are not saying that fresh flowers are not beautiful. However, wooden wedding bouquets are trending lately. If you want to impress your guests and keep up with the pace of the wedding world, consider having beautiful wooden wedding bouquets at your wedding. They are easy to shape, inexpensive, and eco-friendly. Also, wooden wedding bouquets will not die in three days, so you can give away them to your guests or bring them home and use them as home décor.


We are huge fans of wedding games. They are perfect for your guests to connect and meet each other. So, help your shy friend to get into a conversation with your husband's best mate through wedding games. Who knows, you might be attending their wedding next year!

Relax and Enjoy

This is the most important tip! It is your wedding, and you have to enjoy it. That is why we suggest relaxing and only doing things that you really like. This way, your wedding will feel authentic, and your guests will see how happy you are. It will make them happy, as well!

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