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January 12, 2020 3 min read

So, you have finally decided to propose to your partner and need the perfect engagement ring. Not to sound dramatic, but it will be one of the biggest purchases of your life. Of course, it is also one of the most exciting purchases, as well. If you find a way to purchase the perfect engagement ring, we are sure that your marriage will be all right. Believe us, planning your wedding, including all sola wood flowers, cakes, and ceremonies, is much easier. After all, once you have the perfect engagement ring, you won't ever need to make decisions alone.

Here are some tips on how to buy the perfect engagement ring.

Know Your Budget

Before going to the jewelry shop, you should first set your budget. Believe us – you will see a lot of mesmerizing engagement rings with huge and shiny diamonds. As stunning as they might look, remember that you are about to start a new family, and you will need money. Also, planning a wedding can cost a fortune, as well. Of course, we don't imply that you should buy the cheapest engagement ring, but try not to spend all your money. Think about the beautiful wooden wedding bouquets, centerpieces, wedding dress, and your honeymoon.

There are a lot of engagement rings to choose from, no matter what your budget is, so don't try to impress anyone by exceeding your budget.

Know What Shape You Prefer

There are dozens of different engagement ring shapes (cuts) to choose from. If you can decide on a few favorite cuts before entering the jewelry shop, it will make your shopping much easier. Also, a consultant will be able to help you if you give them something to work on. Furthermore, different cuts have different prices, so if you want to save some money, you might want to avoid classic round cuts as they tend to be more expensive.

Know the Size of the Ring

Imagine how awkward it would be if your partner says YES, but the ring doesn't fit. You don't want that. Try to avoid guessing the right size at the jewelry shop. Instead, borrow (without them noticing) one of your partner's rings, get it to the jeweler, and measure it. Of course, if you don't want to be all sneaky about it, you can just ask your partner their exact size. However, do it long before you plan to buy the engagement ring, not to ruin the surprise.

It Has to Be a Surprise

When planning a wedding, you don't want to keep surprises away from your partner. For example, you should let them know that you picked sola wood flowers for flora arrangements or decided not to invite your high school friend. However, when it comes to engagement, try to keep your partner guessing (if they have not stated otherwise). You want them to be surprised to see you on your knee, promising eternal love. That's why you will have to pick the perfect engagement ring on your own without letting your partner know.

Research Your Partner's Style

Yes, even though it has to be a surprise, you can still do your research. Try to fish for any information that you can. If that means pretending to be looking for some fancy necklaces at the jewelry shop while your partner glances at the rings, do it. You can also ask your partner's sister or friends for an opinion (you have to trust them completely to keep it as a secret). Most likely, they will have some information.

Remember that you can change the wedding cake, replace wooden wedding flowers, and even switch your venue, but you might not be able to relive your engagement. That is why you only get one shot to buy the perfect engagement ring. Make it count!

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