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January 30, 2021 4 min read

Flowers and décor are the keys to raising your room into a spot worthy of a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, whether you imagine an ethereal day or a splashy bash. It's time to dream up what will make it look and feel extra-special once you have your location set, and what you could bring or wear down the aisle.

For that matter, there are no laws that state you have to have roses or even flowers: Feel free to think about herbs, botanicals, or unexpected alternatives. The trick is to play what you love, what your venue jibes with, and what's commonly accessible with affordability. It can be something you think about for a while to choose your flowers and the way that you want your floral aesthetic to go, but once it's time to narrow it down, here are some tips that can help!

·       Gather inspiration

In your design choice, venue and time of year are important influences, with a winter ballroom and a beach setting providing very different vibes. But there can be suggestions from everywhere. To jump-start the process, you can begin by gathering photos of favorite spaces and artwork. Share your palette and clothing swatches with paint chips. Try using blooms of personal value, too, including your grandmother's lilacs brought on her wedding day.

·       Plan for impact

More special than loads of designs used for padding can be a few incredible things. For focal points, such as entrances or a prominent fireplace mantel, go large or dramatic. Small arrangements are optional in bathrooms or at the bar, but the centrepieces are in clear view for hours.

Think wow factors when it comes to your flowers. Often, on every single table, you do not need larger-than-life centrepieces. Instead, you can pick a cape with more candle-heavy tables so that you can splurge on your ceremony arch, which can then be repurposed as a backdrop for a sweetheart table, something we always recommend! Flower-wise, the three things you can spend the most money on:

  • Your bouquet
  • Ceremony arch
  • Sweetheart table centrepiece

These products will be the most frequently photographed, which will be the places most often feasting their eyes during the full day for most of your guests.

·       Match your color scheme

In your flowers, a significant portion of your wedding colors will be represented. Since you'll have flowers everywhere on the arch or arbor of your ceremony, you'll also wear them in the middle of any table, etc. It's crucial that they match the colors you're going to use in your table linens, napkins, other decor chairs.

If done the right way, a decent mismatched color scheme can be appreciated. Think more of an overall scheme or palette instead of concentrating on making sure everything is super-matched. Think about combining neutral white cream buds of everlasting sola wood flowers with table linen or stationery patterned with a brighter tone or even pleasant.

·       Start with your bouquet

It is your big day, so you're going to be the star, naturally. Usually, when you start looking for inspiration, start with your bouquet, and base all the other floral pieces around that main focal point. People would love one thing, having a dramatic flower in your bouquet like a King Protea, mixed in with a number of other distinct complementary flowers, but then only using King Protea in your arch or sweetheart table centerpiece ceremony, or maybe not anywhere else at all.

Overall, for the remaining floral centerpieces, the flowers in your bouquet will set the mood, and be the piece that binds it all together. When you think of your bridesmaid bouquets, there are keys to match. It is usually recommended that you go a little smaller, but still just as pretty.

·       Consider the venue

When you embark on your wedding planning journey, your venue will be the first thing you settle on, because it really sets the stage for all that follows, including your dress, guest wear, design aesthetic, and yes, surely your flowers!

 Tell yourself the following questions:

  • Is the wedding exclusively outside or mainly indoors?
  • Is the venue more mountainous by the river or somewhere?
  • What kind of natural flora is growing in the field, either on or near the property?

While there is no tough short rule that you have to use flowers that match your location, embracing the natural environment, atmosphere, and domain can be pleasant and cohesive.

·       Consider the season or forget it

Big suggestions are a big advocate of marching to the beat of your own drum and not following every single conventional rule when it comes to planning your wedding. But when selecting your wedding flowers, playing to the season can come in handy, particularly because flower growth is so seasonal. Seasonal selection can not only save you money but can also be more environmentally friendly.

But if you have planned something unusual for your wedding decorations like using sunflowers in a winter wedding then you can blindly trust at sola wood flowers by woodflowers.com. You can get any kind of bloom in every season without being worried about their seasonal availability.

·       Spending Savvy

Want to save your big-day floral decoration money?

 Know those sola wood flowers are less costly and more eco-friendly blooms that do not need to be shipped in from afar. Fillers are simple ways to amplify a smaller arrangement, including foliage, branches, and berries; they are more cost-effective than fresh petals.

Wedding flowers are already going to be one of your biggest expenses, so consider an option of sola wood flowers that is just as pretty, but much less costly. Before wasting a lot of money to get those peonies imported from Holland, give a try to sola wood peonies. These blooms made of sola wood are available in almost every natural and artificial color and surprisingly from extra small to extra large size availability.

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