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December 26, 2019 2 min read

People who want to stay current and trendy often choose to tweak the old wedding traditions and create their own modern style. During the last couple of years, modern weddings are getting extremely popular. For example, we notice that more couples choose sola wood flowers to décor their venue. If 15 years ago it would have sounded ludicrous to use sola wood flowers, today it is more than welcome. Here are some more tips on how to modernize your wedding and impress your guests with fresh ideas.

Ghost Chairs

You might want to use acrylic chairs for your modern wedding, especially if the ceremony is held outside. Transparent chairs will create a modern feel and showcase the rest of the décor and scenic views.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic and contemporary designs will definitely create a modern atmosphere. Of course, to pull off this idea, you have to consult art specialists and pay attention to every detail. Remember that with less décor, guests will notice everything. So, make sure that every wooden rose bouquet is of the highest quality and stands at the right place.

Wood Wedding Flowers

A lot of couples choose wood wedding flowers for their weddings. They are 100 percent natural, ecofriendly, and easy to craft. On top of that, wood wedding flowers last forever, so you can later use them as home décor. Or you can cover some wedding costs and sell them online.

No Décor Wedding Photos

Your wedding photos are vital! After all, that's what you will show to your kids when telling them your love story. That is why you must choose the right photographer and style. We recommend considering taking your photos somewhere in nature without any decoration or fancy settings. This way, you will be sure that your photos will stay relevant forever. All you need is your spouse, a beautiful wooden flower bridal bouquet, and a smile.

Black and White

Some colors are always trendy and perfect for creating a modern atmosphere. Those colors are black and white. Instead of coloring your wedding with all the shades of a rainbow, you might want to stick to all white. If all white wedding sounds too much, consider adding a few elegant touches of black. It can be anything from a wood wedding bouquet to a candlestick or a menu card. Black is perfect for modern weddings as it represents sophistication and elegance. Of course, don't try too hard. After all, your wedding is a celebration, so soft colors, especially white, should still dominate.

Consult Your Planner

It is always a great idea to have a wedding planner. Instead of spending your precious time and stressing about every detail, let a professional take care of it. An experienced planner has organized many weddings, so they know what works and what doesn't. Of course, you must be transparent and clear about your ideas. Even if they are crazy!

If you don't want to give all the power to the wedding planner, at least consult them. Do your homework about the modern wedding theme, create a plan, and show it to the wedding planner. After you get professional feedback, you can adjust and make changes before it is too late.

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