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July 28, 2020 4 min read

Your guests are going to love it!

Wedding arch itself is a symbol of togetherness, and it represents the future home where the bride and groom will start their family. In many other cultures, Arch means initiation and ceremonies of a new beginning or renewal.

Couples walk through the archway; they represent the sloughing off of the past life and moving into a new phase of life. Mainly these wedding arches are often constructed simply with three posts and the middle, top post either curved or straight. Now a day’s beautiful, large and simple hexagon shaped arches are also being used for making a statement. Wood lattice and wrought iron are the materials commonly used built of wrought iron or wood lattice, with decoration including flowers, lights and fabric.

The wedding arch is also probably the most photographed wedding arrangement. It is the reason that you must have to put deep thoughts with your own arch style, decorations and wedding arch theme. With a few simple draping, foliage, and flowers you can create outclass and astonishing wedding arch for your wedding day. When it comes to DIY wedding arch, for sure your imagination power is the only limit.

Wedding arch and flowers:

When you say wedding arch, normally it is about the highly curated wreath of flowers. No one can deny the importance of wedding flowers. Still, the wedding arches can be of many styles with the addition of sola wood flowers. The artfully arranged flowers with vines, well-draped fabrics, pieces of timber, and sculpted metal can create a heavenly effect. This is a symbol of meeting two souls in front of this heaven door of the wedding arch.

The wedding flowers create an appropriate romantic and intimate environment for the wedding occasion, and that is why the wedding arch without flowers cannot create the actual wedding charm. Sola wood flowers contribute in the designing of wedding arch in the most authentic way. Sola wood flowers provide particular durability that is essential to arrange the complicated wedding arch arrangements.

Especially when it is about an outdoor wedding ceremony, sola wood flowers can bear the extreme weather conditions far better than the original blooms. The affordability, all-season availability, and countless natural and glamorous color options are few other unavoidable reasons to choose wooden flowers for wedding arch.

Tips for creating DIY wedding arch with wood flowers:

Creating a DIY wedding arch is not a very difficult task. Still, it requires some basic know-how about the most admirable features of a wedding arch. Here are a few essential tips that you need to keep in mind before creating a DIY wedding arch:

Sublime with simplicity:

Simplicity never brings boredom when it comes to wedding arches. In fact, the simplicity of Arch highlights you and your significant other as the main attraction.

Of course, you can go with ornate and elaborated wedding arches, but using 3 boughs of the tree together with a spring of sola wood flowers can create the same impact. This rustic and straightforward approach allows you to be more creative while choosing stained, sanded, and beautifully cut timber pieces or testing your skills with few branches banged together.

To brighten the arch arrangement you can use a vintage crocheted table cloth or trailing ivy also along with some dowel and a teepee. Added bunch of flowers matching to your bridal bouquet and wedding theme simply makes the couple centre of attention.

Even if you are not in favor of draping fabrics, you can replace this with beautiful hanging chandeliers or crystals with sola wood flowers. You can use single sola flowers attached on the draping cloth. But choose a fine draping cloth that is fluid and flowy to bring the right drape.

Embrace sola wood flowers

Are you not in favor of something little rustic?

You have an option of buying or renting pre-made wedding arches made of metal that can easily suit any wedding theme.

Then organize your wooden flowers to go in it. There are fully completed wedding arches are also available that are designed, created, and delivered to you from wedding planners. But DIY wedding arches bring a unique and stunning look to your wedding set that is completely customized by you.

Adding artificial sola wood flowers instead or fresh blooms give you the freedom to play with the design. These flowers allow you to change the features that you don’t like or provide you with time to fix any mistakes or changes of mind in the design. You can create your gorgeous and customized DIY wedding arch days or weeks before your wedding day.

Real flowers are delicate, and they can easily wilt within hours if not handled with care. In case of using fresh flowers for your wedding arch, you must require a few helpers with a cool space where you can store the Arch before the event.

Wooden flowers allow you to create a wedding arch composed of flowers only. Using your DIY approach, you can make a thick arch made of wooden flowers by joining these flowers in a row with wire. In fact, you are free to make any last-minute changes and adjustments just before getting your beautiful creation of wedding arch to the venue.

A happy wedding arch DIY experience:

Just bring out different unique and attractive wedding arc ideas swirling in your mind and start working on the different aspects of a DIY wedding arch.

The DIY wedding arch is undoubtedly an affordable idea that becomes even more practical by using wooden flowers instead of real blooms. Sola wood flowers are a relatively inexpensive option for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremony setups.

 To create a simple but beautiful wedding arch:

  • Dress up your plain wedding arch of any shape or material with sola wood flowers and foliage.
  • By adding pastel flowers in the wedding arch, you can add delicate touches that contrast the vibrant greenery.
  • Establish an elegant and peaceful setting by adding drape fabric of light colors.
  • You can also add geometric accents around the Arch to give it a modern touch.

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