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July 29, 2020 4 min read

Bride, groom, guests, and wedding vows…what a wonderful dream it is?

Are we missing something?


It is true that for every bride, one of the most exciting aspects is the selection of wedding flowers for bridal bouquet, table's capes, and centerpieces. Flowers' quality, quantity, texture, and color set the tone of a wedding that helps to create an environment that ranges from casual, comfortable, elegant, and ultra-sophisticated.

In today's modern time, floral wedding arrangements are mostly considered an essential part of wedding décor, but the history of wedding flowers is far different from today. In ancient times both bridal bouquet and garlands were made of fragrant foliage and herbs. Each of the selected components of the bouquet had a symbolic purpose. The herbs were included to honor their respective deities or to avoid evil spirits.

In modern times this trend is replaced by using a variety of flowers for decorative purposes. Still, the flowers are the most important element to the brides, other than the groom and her bridal dress. Still, wedding bouquet is considered to bring satisfaction and happiness in a marriage. Wedding flowers set the theme in every decoration, the venue, and wedding aisle, path towards the wedding aisle, the reception hall, every dining hall table, and so much more.

Real flowers are pretty expensive, and if money is not the issue, then one can have flowers everywhere. However, if money is an issue, it is unavoidable to reserve the flowers for the bridal party alone or use a mixture of cheap flowers for the remainder of the wedding flower décor and floral arrangements.

Modern wedding flower option:

Wedding trends are changing drastically, and the trends are replacing traditions with every passing day. The use of fresh flowers is still in for weddings, but now couples try to invest in more durable, budget-friendly and convenient options.

The introduction of sola wood flowers in wedding décor is not so old, but this addition of wooden blooms has completely changed the style and concept of the wedding planner industry. Now the planners have more innovative and mind-blowing ideas to organize fabulous wedding arrangements in an affordable budget.

Sola wood flowers are artificial blooms that have changed the scales of differentiation between original and faux blooms. These flowers are dual as they are generated from a natural material but are durable with various stunning features present in artificial blooms.

The bark of balsa tree wood is the source to get the raw material for wooden blooms. Yes! These are the flowers made of wood. The fine and thin slices of balsa tree wood are utilized to create these flowers formerly cream or ivory in color. These flowers are hand-made, and no machines are used to develop sola wood blooms. This crafting technique provides these blooms truly customized looks that make these flowers identical to their original relatives.

Sola wood flowers are easy to dye, and by using acrylic paints, spray paints, fabric paints, or watercolors, you cab dye these flowers into any desired color easily. These blooms' resilience has opened a new horizon of flexibility and comfort for wedding planners and florists. Sola wood flowers' strength allows florists to use these flowers in a range of floral arrangements from easy to complicated ones. These blooms are not real, and florists and wedding planners can create the wedding floral decoration items weeks and months before the wedding.

These flowers are wooden made, but they are not hard like wood. Sometimes mishandling can deform the shape of sola wood flowers. This is not a very big issue, and you can quickly reform their shape on your own just with plain water. These flowers are free of pollens and fragrance, but their absorption ability allows using these blooms as fragrance diffusers.

The only care they demand is to protect these flowers from direct sunlight and humidity. You can keep your wedding sola wood blooms with you for years to keep your extraordinary moments. These blooms look so real with the additional features of no drying, wilting, and dying.

Few great sola wood wedding flowers ideas:

Sola wood flowers are officially taking original blooms, and couples are using these artificial blooms more innovatively for their wedding décor. Here are a few outstanding ideas to use sola wood flowers as perfect wedding blooms:

  • Keep the sola wedding flower arrangements on the reception dinner tables small for giving more space for dishes, cutlery, and glasses.
  • When the party is over as a gift from the couple's side, these simple little bouquets in tiny vases can be collected by guests.
  • You can place one flower in an elegant catered affair by each plate on the dining table. You can change the color or flower for each course with each plate.
  • Another excellent idea is arranging a big bowl full of wedding flowers handed out by the flower girls to the female guests.
  • Place sola wood flowers stems in big vases and place candles, crystals, and geometrical lanterns around these vases to create a dreamy environment at the wedding.
  • The addition of sola wood floral walls in the wedding decorations is also a stunning idea to create a perfect wedding photography session area.
  • Sola wood flowers are the perfect blooms to use in wedding corsages and boutonnieres that couples can keep for a lifetime with them.

Sola wood flowers – perfect wedding blooms:

The language of flowers needs no words. It is a conversation between two hearts. Sola wood flowers preserve this love conversation between two hearts for so long. Whenever the couple looks at these flowers, the entire discussion gets rewind as the most beautiful memory.

Wooden flowers are the blooms that are providing countless opportunities to organize a fairy tale wedding. Whether you need to design wedding arch, table centerpieces, or floral decorations for wedding aisle, sola wood flowers are your perfect companions that contribute in the best possible way in your wedding décor.

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