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July 20, 2020 2 min read

Pets can (and should) be equally important members of the family, so it makes sense to involve them in your wedding. Of course, that might cause a lot of new problems and tasks to take care of. However, wouldn't it be great to see your beloved dog or cat at your wedding photos when you relive your wedding a year later? All you need to do is take care of the safety of your guests, pets, and decorations (sola wood wedding flowers, candles, altar, etc.).

Make Sure the Venue Knows

Your wedding venue will have many rules and regulations that they follow, so make sure that having a pet at your wedding won't become a problem. The last thing you would want is to bring your lovely golden retriever just to find out that it cannot enter the premise. Also, the venue might rearrange sola wood wedding bouquets, tables, altar, and seats to make it comfortable for both guests and pets.

Tell Your Guests

 You have to inform all the guests that your pets will be attending the ceremony. After all, there might be someone who is allergic to cats or afraid of dogs, so they should know that pets will be present at your wedding. Also, everyone loves pets, so if they were not coming to your wedding for you, they would surely show up for your pet! Jokes aside, if you are having your pet at the wedding, write it in the invitation and your wedding website.

Take Care of Your Pet

Your pet is not a toy nor a decoration. When shaping sola wood wedding flowers, it is enough to make a bouquet and place it at the venue. That's it – job done. However, it is a different story with animals. If you are having your pet at the wedding, make sure that it feels safe and comfortable. Try to create a private space where your pet could rest from all the noises and attention (pets always get attention), especially if your pet is used to being in silence.

Think About a Pet Sitter

You are getting married, so you won't have enough time to look after your pet all the time. And you shouldn't feel ashamed about it. However, you still have to take care of your pet. So, just as you hire a florist to arrange sola wood roses, you should hire a pet sitter to take care of your beloved pet. A professional pet sitter will know how to make your pet feel comfortable and safe while you are enjoying your big day!

Inform the Photographer

If you want your wedding photos to include your pet, your photographer must know that in advance. Taking wedding photos is not an easy task, so the more information you can give to your photographer, the better. We even suggest letting your photographer know the color of your sola wood bridal bouquet so that they could think about matching sceneries. Also, make sure that your photographer feels fine taking photos of pets (it's not an easy task as pets can have a hard time staying still).

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