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February 02, 2020 2 min read

The arrival of a new baby is a time for celebrations, and planning a baby shower can be exhilarating. There is no better way to rejoice the greatest blessings than with a beautiful burst of flowers. Share this special time with friends and family is lovely enough, but flowers make this special occasion into an extra special.

Original blooms or wooden flowers, what is the right option for baby shower celebrations?

Although fresh flowers can add innocence, purity, and charm in your baby shower celebrations, some bitter realities also need your consideration.

  • Original flowers are so expensive, and you cannot keep them for an extended period.
  • You are not able to get your favorite flowers in any season.
  • Sometimes allergy issues may also occur with pregnant ladies, and pollen of original flowers can enhance this issue.

Wooden flowers and wooden bouquets are the perfect solutions to all the issues mentioned earlier. Woodflowers.com provides a fantastic range of wooden flowers and wooden bouquets to boost the joy of every celebration. You can get wooden flowers, wooden roses, wooden wedding bouquets, and other floral arrangements from woodenflowers.com to enhance the beauty and charm of your event at a very affordable price.

Choose a color for your baby shower:

The color variations in the flower world are endless, and woodflowers.com provides you an infinite list of colors to choose from for your baby shower. Sola wood flowers are initially available in Ivory color that shows the purity, innocence, and displays gender-neutral. But you can also get dyed wooden flowers in any specific color you wish for. Mostly for baby showers, couples prefer pink and blue to reveal the gender of their baby, but you have plenty of color options to pick from.

Fabulous bouquet for your baby:

Woodenflowers.com assures the delicacy and beauty of every single handcrafted flower for wooden bouquets and every single flower you get is customized in its own way. These wooden flowers and wooden bouquets can also be used in decorating the nursery of your baby, and you can keep these as the everlasting memories of the blessed moments of your baby shower.

Say everything with flowers:

Flowers are the true messengers of love, and you can use these sola wood flowers to convey your message with flower letters for baby shower day. You can decorate the table with the initial letter of your baby's name if you have already decided it.

Balloons and flowers:

You can use these wooden flowers and wooden bouquets in combination with lots of balloons to decorate your baby shower. These are affordable as well as durable, so you can reuse all these decorations in the future as well to decorate your babies' monthly celebrations till a year or make these a part of the baby's first birthday as well.


Woodflowers.com provides you with the best selection of wooden flowers and wooden bouquets for any occasion and celebration. If you stuck on choosing a style for your flowers, our floral artists would help you to find what speaks to you most.

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