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February 01, 2020 2 min read

Sola wood roses are considered as a modern alternative solution of fresh flowers. These beautifully handcrafted sola wood flowers not only provide you durable wedding decoration advantages but help to save the eco-system of our planet as well.

Although these are artificial in a way, but basically, they are crafted with balsa wood and look absolutely stunning. These can easily complement your special day for a trendy take and different esthetic on traditional original and fake flowers. Wooden flowers are natural imperfections, just like the real blooms have uneven petals, spots, and cracks. Sola wood is the lightest of all the woods, and these sola wood flowers originally have ivory color. Sometimes the un-removed bark can add a two-tone effect also that seems like flower skin.

Sola wood roses!!!

Sometimes people get elude of the concept of wood roses, but they can only realize its offerings when they use it. These sola wood roses are crafted individually, so the possible styles you may get are pure limitless.

What’s so good about sola wood roses?

The most fantastic thing about sola wood roses is that these have the capacity to rhyme smoothly and effortlessly with just about anything. In their natural color, they are the soul of the traditional bridal bouquet, and if you want something unique, stylish, or with your own touch of beauty, then dye them in a cornucopia of colors. There are no limits to design your wedding theme according to the seasonal variation of flowers or wait for the right time when you may able to get desired flowers for your big day. Wooden flowers make it possible for you to choose peonies, hydrangea, and freesia in winters or hyacinth and dahlia in summers. You are free to plan your wedding in any season because sola wood roses are simply evergreen and available in any possible color you can imagine complementing your wedding theme.

All of us know that the traditional original flower bouquet or wedding floral arrangement sold today at the price that can put a hole in your pocket…they are highly expensive.

Sola wood roses can save you here. These are so affordable, and that’s why you can opt for maximum floral arrangements, decorations, and accessories you wish for your wedding. Do you think sola wood roses mean sacrificing romance????

You are absolutely wrong! The elegance, grace, charm, and delicacy of wooden flowers and sola wood roses can make you utterly speechless. Sola wood roses and wooden flowers look so original that you need to touch these, again and again, to make you realize that these are not real. These simply look like a wooden version of original flowers, and most people cannot tell the difference between the carnations and real spells.


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