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February 04, 2020 3 min read

We are living in a world full of technologies and innovations, so having a wedding website is not an option but rather a necessity these days. Having no wedding website is similar to having no wedding cake or sola wood wedding flowers. It just cannot happen. However, a lot of people are still trying to figure out how to create a perfect wedding website with all the vital information and tasteful design. There are a few common mistakes that couples make out of lack of experience, excitement, or stress. We hope that you can learn from other couples and avoid these mistakes.

Too Little Information

This is the most crucial mistake that you can make on your wedding website. After all, the main idea of the site is to let your guests know everything about the wedding. It is not time to keep any secrets or mystery anymore. Let your guests know the exact time and date, dress code, registry information, RSVP dates, and any specific information. Also, don't forget to provide some information about your wedding place and things to do around, especially for your out-of-town guests. You don't want your aunt from another state to get lost, do you?

Information About Private Events

Private events are private for a reason. Make sure not to make your guests feel excluded or awkward by sharing information about private events, such as a wedding picnic, a bridal shower, or a bachelor's party. Imagine if you were that guest who was not invited to any private event, and had to read about all of them on the wedding website. So, think about how every guest will feel when adding any private information on your wedding website.

No Photos

Your wedding website will be the first place where your guests get more information about your big day. Make sure to set the mood and add some nice photos of yourself, your best friends. It could also be great to add a few photos of your wedding venue (if you have it booked already) decorated with beautiful sola wood wedding flowers as a teaser. We have seen wedding websites with no photos, and they look quite flat and boring.

Wrong URL

You will most likely add the URL to your wedding website on your wedding invitations. However, remember that once those invitations are printed and sent, you will not have any chances to make changes. That is why it is vital to check if you have a correct URL on your wedding invitations. Actually, double-check all the information on your invitations. A mistyped name might be just as awkward (if not more) as a wrong URL to the wedding website.

Insulting Tone of Voice

Be very careful with the jokes on your wedding website not to insult anyone. Some things might sound funny when said in real life but have a different meaning online. If you are not sure if you should or should not say something, try to consult with your wedding planner as they should have plenty of experience with wedding websites. Furthermore, stay authentic but at least a little bit formal, as well. Think about the older guests who don't understand any slang or informal language.

And most importantly, as you decorate your wedding venue with wooden wedding bouquets, you might also want to decorate your wedding website. The design doesn't have to fancy or posh, but try not to make it too general, as well. Use it as a way to showcase your originality and creativity.

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