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September 08, 2020 4 min read

The beauty of today’s weddings is its way to reflect the style and personalities of the bride and groom. Modern brides are not conforming to the conventional, and they never insist for meaningless traditions. Modern brides want their wedding to be celebrated uniquely and innovatively. This desire to be different from others does not have to have to end with your bridal dress, vows or floral wedding decor.

With all the new and modern wedding trends, there are still some old traditional appearances that brides cannot even think to ignore. Bridesmaid is one of the most influential personalities who contribute during wedding planning’s and has a vital role on the wedding day too. Bridesmaids with colorful dresses, beautiful smiles, and flowers in their hands bring a lot of joy to a wedding celebration.

It is simply impossible to think about a wedding celebration without such an indispensable attribute as flowers. Flowers make the event colorful, emotional, bright, and filled with positive vibes. From decorating a festive wedding table to an automobile procession and the making of bridal bouquet, flowers have a lot to contribute to the wedding.

Flowers for bridesmaid:

Choosing flowers for a bridesmaid bouquet is also a task that needs your proper attention. From deciding which flowers will go into the bridesmaid bouquet to the color options, style, and size of bouquet, there is so much to think and manage.

By following these given tips, this process of selecting bridesmaid bouquet will become little easier and creative:

1.    Make a connection between bridesmaid bouquet & wedding theme:

The bridesmaid bouquet must be inspired by your wedding theme. If your wedding is nonconformist and rebellious, then you cannot use traditional softer flowers like lilies as they will not match with the theme. While for a rustic, country vibe overly formal flowers like roses are not suitable.

One way to match flowers to the theme is to use their symbolic meanings. Choosing flowers for bridesmaid bouquet with their traditional symbolic meanings can be a thoughtful decision that will make people impressed with your wisdom.

  • Roses are such classic blooms, and they are considered as the symbol of love, beauty, intimacy, and joy.
  • To symbolize innocence, you can use ‘’Baby’s breath’’ as fillers for bridesmaid bouquet.
  • To represent the more passionate side of love, it is ideal to use Tulips in bridesmaid bouquet.
  • Though Chrysanthemums are much underrated flowers, these blooms represent abundance and wealth.

2.    Get a blueprint for the bridesmaid bouquet:

Florists always insist on choosing your wedding dress before deciding a floral option for your wedding. Obviously, the wedding dress is a more personal decision and central feature of the wedding. You can use the style and color of bridesmaid dress as a blueprint for her bouquet.

This will help you to be more particular in choosing the flower options for the bridesmaid bouquet.

3.    Try to relate bridesmaid bouquet with your bridal bouquet:

Bridal bouquet keeps all the colors and types of flowers used in your wedding decorations and other wedding details. You can use the option of deconstructing your bridal bouquet. Choose only one type of flower featured in the bridal bouquet and construct a solo bridesmaid bouquet.

Even if you have roses, mums, lilies, and daisies in your bouquet, you have options to make sola bridesmaid bouquets with every single bloom present in your bridal bouquet.

4.    Learn the art of playing with color and size:

While creating the bridesmaid bouquet, you have to be more creative to make these bouquets a little different from the bridal bouquet. To make a difference, you have to rearrange color and size options in a variety of ways:

  • Always keep your bridesmaid bouquet size smaller than the size of the bridal bouquet. It is ok that your bridesmaid is carrying a bouquet with similar flowers present in the bridal bouquet, but keeps its size smaller as you cannot let her outshine you.
  • It is not necessary to have the exact same arrangement of bridesmaid bouquet just because your bridesmaids are carrying smaller versions of your bouquet. You can ask your florist to make a few subtle variations within parameters decided by you.
  • Make coordination between the size of bouquet and height of the person holding it. Never allow a bouquet to overwhelm the carrier. Always make the bouquet just one part of the full ensemble that includes the person, her dress, her shoes, and the accessories she is going to have.
  • To match your bridesmaid bouquets with your own try a creative way of using your bouquet flowers in your bridesmaid bouquet in a different color. You can also use different flowers for a bridesmaid bouquet is the same color that your bouquet has.
  • You can also match the greenery of the bridal bouquet with bridesmaid bouquet. Create a happier feel with lush green fillers and moodier feel with using dustier green fillers in bouquets.

5.    Put it all together:

With all the tips mentioned above, you have to be more particular with bridesmaid bouquets in terms of the following features:

  • Always try to keep things smaller and enhance wedding pictures with larger wedding parties and smaller, but beautiful bouquets.
  • Choose bouquet style that can easily fit into the floral choice of wedding arrangements as a whole. All the flower bouquets should complement the wedding arrangements, boutonnieres, the flower girl’s bouquet, and table centerpieces as well.

Flowers forever:

Wedding flowers are the most essential part of memorable happy moments, and everyone wishes to keep their beauty, elegance, and charm preserved for a long time. Sola wood flowers are the official wedding flowers that are replacing real blooms with their unavoidable features and realistic appearance.

These are the flowers made from balsa tree wood, and this raw material allows these blooms to remain fresh and beautiful forever. These flowers are beautifully hand-crafted, and you cannot differentiate between real and sola wood flowers in terms of physical appearance.

These flowers are affordable, available in all seasons, easy to dye in any color to match your wedding theme and style. If you choose wooden blooms bouquet for your bridesmaid, it will be an eternal present for her that will always remind her how important she is to you.

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