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September 09, 2020 4 min read

Long-distance relationships are hard, but incredible also. No one can underestimate the authenticity of these relationships. Obviously, when two people love, respect, and support each other from a distance, they will surely be unstoppable once they become physically together.

Whether you are just a one or two hour drive away or living in entirely different time zones, being physically separated from the one you love and care most is not always easy. The late-night Whatsapp calls and the cutest “I love you!” text messages that you receive throughout the day mean a lot for the distance. But there are many times that you can’t stop missing your partner.

Especially when you are having a bad day or things are going wrong in every way, you need the shoulder of your significant one to cry and be comfortable. Regardless of the reason, long-distance relationships can get hard when you just want your special someone to be there with you to share the moments that matter in your life.

Long-distance relationships are the true examples of bittersweet, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. Sending your other half a thoughtful present is one of the best ways to help you both power through this long-distance relationship.

Whether it is a birthday, an occasion, or you just want to show how much you love and care for your partner, a gift says everything on your behalf. Many creative items contribute to minimizing the distances from customized jewelry to elegant accessories and unique stationery for love letters, no matter how far apart you are physical.

Here is a list of unique long-distance relationship gifts that won’t disappoint you:

Scented candles in a ceramic jar:

Candles are one of the most romantic gifts a couple can give to each other. Scented candles bring you back to each other when you are separated by distance. These scented candles enclosed in ceramic jars have gorgeous fragrances that evoke sweet and pleasing memories of the times and places unique to both of you.

Personalized long-distance coffee mugs:

You are not together, and that is why you can’t experience the joy and pleasure of waking up together!

But sipping coffee from the customized cup having the name of a photo of your loved one is the next best thing you can enjoy while staying apart from each other.

Personalized love book:

Choose a customized ‘’Book of us’’ that allows you to choose your cover and edit it. You can get help from a digital artist to convert your pictures or photos into artwork that resembles your love interest.

You can also add your very own personalized story in this book. A cute love book with your mesmerizing love story will be an ideal romantic gift option that always keeps you connected with your old memories and the times when you were together.

Couples pillow set:

Sharing a bed together is an ideal situation for lovers, but what could be a more romantic gift than sending your long-distance interest a pillow with either a picture of them or with a romantic message?

When it comes to long-distance gifts for couples, personalized pillows and bed sets add both style and romance to your bedroom décor.

Pillow talk real-time heartbeat sensor:

This is another fantastic gift option for long-distance couples. A pillow talk real-time heartbeat sensor allows you to hear the real-time heartbeat of your loved one. Now you have the option to bring back intimacy to your long-distance relationships. Pillow Talk is a wristband that picks up your heartbeat and sends it, in real-time, to your loved one wherever they are.

Custom phone case:

An ideal way to remind your partner that you are just a phone call away is sending him/her a custom cell phone case. You can personalize this case with your name, photos, or a special message.

Hanging canvas print:

To give a meaningful gift, try hanging canvas print that can be quickly shipped. You can customize it with your favorite photos of you as a couple.

Engraved bar necklace:

Gift your love partner a beautiful engraved bar necklace, and we can bet they will never want to take it off. You can use the selection of available designs. Still, there are options also to personalize one with her/his name or a special message. You can pair it perfectly with a sweet card. 

Flowers, Of Course!

Sending flowers is one of the most traditional ways of saying, “I love you,” that you will never miss in your long-distance partner’s life. Sometimes the circumstances change drastically:

  • Maybe you couldn’t be in town for an upcoming anniversary or holiday!
  • There was an unexpected fight between you held last night! Or
  • You just want to send your dearest a surprise “just because.”

No matter the occasion, flowers simply spread love in the air with their magical beauty and mesmerizing appearance. Real flowers are gorgeous, but they have a concise life. Within a few hours or days, they start drying, wilting, or dying depending upon their look after and the environmental conditions.

It is also a costly option to send real blooms every month or without any reason. Sola wood flowers are a new arrival in the gift industry. Still, they have taken a significant stake in the floral industry. Sola wood flowers are artificial blooms, but their appearance, delicacy, and color options make them look even more real than original blooms.

Durability, pollen-free, eco-friendly, and available in all seasons are additional features of sola wood flowers. These features make these blooms the best gift option for a long-distance relationship. Receiving a sola wood floral bouquet is not only brings joy and happiness for the time being, but having this beautiful gift in front of your eyes for months and years makes you more involved with the depth of your relationship.


Being in a long-distance relationship with someone is not an easy matter to handle. Lack of physical interaction, time differences, and digital communication can put your relationship to the test. But sending a special gift is one of the best ways to remind your significant other of your love and care.

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