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January 21, 2020 3 min read

Congratulations on getting engaged. It is probably one of the loveliest things that can happen to any person in the world. However, you should also prepare for a hectic upcoming period between your engagement and wedding. Not only will you be the center of all attention, but you will also have to start organizing many things, including picking a perfect venue, buying sola wood wedding flowers, and choosing your bridal party. So, there are a few things you need to do as soon as possible after your engagement.

Inform Your Family and Friends

Make sure to share the great news with your family and close friends. You don't want them to find out about your engagement from someone else or, even worse, social media. Of course, the engagement is all about you, but make sure not to forget your parents, best friends, and siblings, as well.

Get a Manicure and a Picture

This one is for ladies! Think about how many people will ask you to show your engagement ring in the upcoming few weeks or even months after the engagement. Yes, it is an uncountable number. That's why you have to be prepared. Make sure to book a meeting with your favorite manicurist, as fast as possible. Also, get a mandatory picture of your beautiful hand for an Instagram post.

If you are a guy who is about to propose, you might want to make your girlfriend get a perfect manicure before the engagement. Of course, make sure not to spoil the secret that you are about to propose. Just think of some white lie or ask your girlfriend's BFF to do it for you.

Insure Your Ring

If you are mature enough to start a family, you should also take care of all the boring things such as insurance and finances. Make sure to insure your engagement ring in case something happens in the future. Better safe than sorry, right?

Start Thinking About the Date

Once people find out about your engagement, they will naturally start asking when are you getting married. You should ask yourself that same question, as well. Normally, it would be great to get married within one year from engagement, but there are no rules, so don't feel any pressure. However, if you wait five years before you start looking into wooden wedding flowers and five more years before you pick the venue, your wedding might never come. So, if possible, pick the soonest date that fits both of you and your closest family and friends.

Determine Your Wedding Budget

Before you start planning your wedding, you must know how much money you can spend. So, after you celebrate your engagement, start thinking about your finances. Also, you should always remember that there are a lot of ways to save money when planning your wedding without losing any quality. For example, wooden wedding bouquets are much cheaper compared to fresh flowers.

Start Planning

Once you know your desired wedding date and budget, you can start planning other things, as well. You might want to hire a professional wedding planner to help you out. With so many new trends and options, a great wedding planner can help you organize your dream wedding and spend less money.

Prepare to spend most of your time tasting sweets, picking sola wood wedding flowers, looking into different venues, and deciding how to find one extra spot on your wedding guest list. Most of those jobs will be fun and will help you to bond with your future partner in crime. However, it will also require a lot of energy.


All the above tips are great, but the first thing you should do after you got engaged is to stop and capture the moment. Once you tell your family and friend about the engagement, take a few days off to spend with your partner. Congratulations!

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