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March 13, 2021 4 min read

Spring is nature's way of saying, "LETS PARTY." -Robin Williams.

Spring has just arrived!

After completing your less enjoyable task of "spring cleaning," now it is the time to start the much more exciting task of decorating your home for this vibrant, vivid, and bright season. You can bring some life and color to your home with these impressive spring-inspired home decor ideas by woodflowers.com. All these tips and ideas range from doing basic additions like flower bouquets and indoor plants to more elaborate projects like floral centerpieces, bringing innovative decorative items and open shelving.

Following these tips and getting ideas from these given suggestions will make you a pro in interior home decorations.

·       Put sola wood flowers in vases:

This is the simplest way to spring-ify your home!

Keep a steady rotation of sola wood blooms (spring edition) on your dining room table and your kitchen counter. Choose a wooden bouquet of your favorite spring blooms from woodflowers.com, and that's all. Cheerful flowers will surely brighten your mood, glorify the corners of your room, and fill your home with a pleasant scent (if you want) also.

The beauty of sola wood flowers is equally stunning as fresh blooms with more colors and sizes. These blooms are durable and can be used in complicated floral arrangements without any issues of being damaged. Additionally, these flowers are pollen-free and 100% eco-friendly. The affordability of sola wood flowers is another key point that allows you to get plenty of spring flowers to your space.

·       Natural light transforms the space dramatically:

We always talk about adding different items to the decorations to change the looks, and removing something sounds a little counterproductive. But in this case, you have to remove few items to add a lot to your home. Removing heavy drapes or window coverings or replacing them with something more translucent and lighter increases the availability of natural light instantly. In this way, you can add more natural light to your space to change a room's overall look. It will not only help you maximize the longer days and ever-present sunshine this spring and summer, but your electricity bill will also reduce.

·       Subsume natural materials!

This spring season, you can bring the outdoors inside your home by adding some natural materials to your home's interior. Suppose you are looking for new furniture or decor, use materials such as jute, wicker, rattan, or hemp. Start small by adding a jute rug, rattan wall accent, or wicker baskets!

·       Use pastel colors to bring a spring feel!

Pastel colors are the ideal way to bring a soft and gentle nod to spring. You can also introduce muted pastel shades which have gained massive popularity in the interior design world in recent years. Try using scented or without scent candles, integrating pastel vases or other decorations into your dining rooms, living room or bedroom. You also use a can of paisley paint to create a pastel accent.

·       Create a blast of colors!

To bring a spring feel in your living room, you don't need to paint your entire living room pink. It is not the only way to add some color to your life!

You can create pops of bright color in the form of different room accessories such as pillows, blankets, cushions, and rugs. With these little touches, you can go a long way in making your home a bright, cheerful, and welcoming place to be.

·       Citrus accents can boost the beauty of dining tables!

Citrus fruits are refreshing to eat! But do you know they can also actually double as decor this time of year? By placing a large bowl in the center of your dining table filled with oranges, lime, and/or lemons with little fresh pieces of greenery, you can create an impressive look. Also, try placing citrus fruits into a wide cylindrical vase. 

·       Floral prints can work even better!

If you believe in being adventurous, try adding floral prints to your home. This can range from wallpapers to floral pillows, and floral paintings, or any and everything in between. You have options to choose from soft floral prints to bold and exciting. It completely depends on the mood you are trying to create.

·       What's your opinion about linen bedding?

It is time to put your cotton sheets in store until fall and replace all of them with breathable and lighter linen bed sheets. Spring is the perfect time to try out a new shade for your bedding, like ivory, pastel, pink, or any other springy hue.

·       The floral wreath can be a beautiful addition!

Wreaths are old, but they always appreciated traditional items to say welcome. You can welcome spring at your doorstep by hanging a colorful sola wood floral wreath on your front door. Try creating a DIY floral wreath by getting instructions from a YouTube tutorial. There is nothing to worry about wilting, dehydrating, or dying of sola wood flowers as they are created from the bark of balsa tree wood.

·       Go green with adding some houseplants!

Imagine sage, mint, emerald, or forest green colors and add any of these shades of green to your interior as it is one of the most quintessential ways to "go green" at home. You can also implement an eco-friendly sense by recycling, buying groceries, composting, and cleaning supplies in bulk.

This spring season, add a few new plants to your houseplant family, or if you haven't started your green plants family, then start today. If it isn't an easy task for you to look after real plants and flower pots, then add faux greenery and sola wood flower to create a similar effect. Faux blooms and flowers easily bring a spring feel indoor.

·       Choose open shelving!

Spring is the time of year when we want to feel clean, free, fresh, and airy. You can get the same feelings with open shelving. Show your favorite plates, glassware, and other pieces on open shelving in your kitchen cabinets or elsewhere in the house.

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