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February 25, 2020 3 min read

First of all, congratulations on getting engaged! You should take this time to connect to your partner on even a deeper level and build a strong foundation for your future together. Of course, don't forget that planning a wedding will take some time, so start arranging your wedding venue and looking for beautiful sola wood flowers now!

Once you are engaged, people will start asking for the exact date of your wedding. That might add some tension, especially if you are not planning to get married within the first few years. However, you should not worry about that too much. We understand that each situation is different, so there is no way to say how long you should stay engaged exactly. That said, you might want to consider a few things.

12-18 Months on Average

According to various stats, it takes 12-18 months for couples to get married after their engagement. Traditionally, couples get engaged in winter and then get married the next summer. It provides them enough time to organize their dream wedding adorned by stunning sola wood flowers, delicious sweets, and a spectacular venue. Also, 12-18 months are more than enough to enjoy all the attention of being engaged both from your partner and your closest friends/family. We are not saying that anything faster or longer than 12-18 months is wrong, but if you want to stay safe and avoid people questioning your decisions, try to celebrate your wedding no longer than two years after the engagement.

Short Engagements

Some couples don't want to have a fancy wedding with hundreds of guests, lavish sola wood wedding bouquets, and all the traditions, such as the rehearsal dinner or an official ceremony. Instead, those couples choose to marry each other without too much attention and preferably as fast as possible after the engagement. After all, if you love your partner to the moon and back, what is the point of waiting a few years to get married? Why not do it here and now? So, if you are a spontaneous couple and don't plan to throw a huge wedding celebration, you might want to get married right after the engagement. Of course, some of your friends and family won't be happy that you are not having a huge celebration with an open bar, but it is not their life to live!

Long Engagements

Fifty years ago, living under the same roof with your partner without getting married was off-limits. However, times have changed, and it is now acceptable to live with your partner even without ever getting married. We love weddings, so we still recommend you to get married, but it is not something that you must do these days. That is why some couples choose to stay engaged until the right time (mostly financially) comes. Just imagine that a couple doesn't have much money, but they dream about a grand wedding. If they don't apply for some sort of loan or credit from a bank (let's face it, no one wants to start their family with a loan), they might need years to save the right amount of money for the wedding. So, sometimes it is practical to stay engaged for a little longer. And to be honest, as long as you love your partner, nothing else matters!

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