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August 13, 2020 2 min read

There is nothing worse when being late to a big occasion, especially if it is a wedding of someone important to you. First of all, we hope that you are not running late to your own wedding as it would be a bigger problem. That said, if you see that you will be late to someone's wedding, you have to make some moves to minimize the damage. After all, once the music starts and the bride walks down the aisle with her wonderful sola wood bridal bouquet, you should be already sitting in your seat. What to do if that is not the case?

Don't Inform the Couple

The couple will have their own problems to take care of a few minutes before the ceremony. The last thing they need is to receive a panic message from one of the guests. Let the bride and the groom alone with their thoughts and solve this issue without including them. You can explain to them the whole story later (probably a few days after the ceremony) without stressing them out.

Are You Important to the Ceremony?

If you are a part of the wedding party and you will be late, make sure that someone knows. It would be awkward if you would rush in through all sola wood wedding flowers in the middle of the ceremony without any notice. It would be even more awkward if you make more noise than the marriage officiant when entering the venue. So, let someone from the wedding party know that you will be late and find a solution on how to enter without anyone noticing.

If you do not have any tasks during the ceremony, you don't have to inform anyone, especially if there will be a lot of guests.

Don't Make Any Noise

It should be obvious, but we still want to remind you not to make any noise when entering the ceremony. If at the end of the ceremony people don't notice that you were late, you have done everything right.

Look for Guidance

As much as everyone hates to be late, it happens. That means that there should be an usher or a wedding coordinator somewhere near the venue entrance. Try to find them and ask for the best way to enter the ceremony without getting noticed.

Don't Stress

It is not the end of the world. No matter how late you are, you still have some time to enjoy the ceremony. Use it. Give your sola wood wedding bouquet to the couple, say a beautiful toast, get to know other guests, and forget about missing out a part of the celebration.

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