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February 01, 2021 5 min read

The theme for your wedding will make or break your big day. From the number of decorations you have, your preferred color scheme and even the inspiration behind an idea, you have to weigh everything accurately.

The theme of weddings is more than mere looks or patterns. As a couple, a wedding theme should reflect your true personality. Apart from that, in harmony, a wedding theme should be able to bring any wedding feature together, from the venue to the smallest details.

Take some time to close your eyes and imagine your wedding day if you haven't settled on a wedding theme yet. To help you visualize your dream wedding, even more, consider asking yourself and your partner these questions.

  • How does it look?
  • When they walk in, how do your guests feel?
  • What kind of feeling do you try to give to your visitors?

Woodflowers.com cares for you a lot and that is why bringing a few easy tips and ideas to help you in choosing a perfect wedding theme:

Make it personal:

Keeping it really personal is the secret to choosing a perfect wedding theme. Do you and your partner have an interest that is similar?

You should always go for a theme influenced by your home country if you're both proud patriots. A pure English wedding, for example, could involve anything from beautiful flowers, jam and cream scones to a wedding car, even a Rolls Royce.

You may choose a nautical theme, using lighthouses and seashells for table decorations, if you both enjoy nothing more than walking hand-in-hand along the beach. Perhaps a theme for how and where you both met could be suggested.

Things to consider for choosing wedding theme:

1.    The venue

A big chunk of your wedding budget will be taken from your wedding venue; the last thing you want is for it to interfere with the theme of the wedding. Take a look at what it has to do if you have already selected a venue for your nuptials. Pay attention to its characteristics and ambience, and select an appropriate theme to go with them. A grand wedding hall, for example, is ideal for glamorous weddings.

Refer to the dream wedding that you've imagined before if you don't have a venue yet. What sort of venue is going to fit the theme you have in mind? Be aware of your spending, however. If your original budget is well surpassed by a location you want, rethink whether it is really worth it.

2.    Pick the perfect color

You will also need to choose the right color for your wedding day on top of choosing a theme. For starters, you would not want to dress your bridesmaids in bright pink dresses if you chose a beach-themed wedding. You'd more likely go for pale blues or shades of aqua. Think about the colors that match your choice of theme best, and it could be time to change the theme if you don't like the color.

3.    Consider the season

Don't forget the season, particularly if you're planning a wedding outdoors. In the winter, you can't have a garden wedding. In addition, various seasons offer various atmospheres and natural colors. If you have decided to have a fall wedding, for instance, autumnal colors such as orange or red will be particularly suitable.

4.    Look into your roots

If you would like to pay tribute to the cultural heritage of your family, why do you not give a dose of tradition to your wedding celebrations? Traditional weddings aren't inherently boring and long-winded affairs these days. Modern-day couples also mix various customs, modern sensibilities, and a personal style of their own. Take a look at the multicultural wedding of this pair that mixed cultural elements of Japanese and Padangnese.

5.    The event's formality

To decide the wedding theme, the formality of your event will also help. Let's go back to the dream wedding that you had earlier in mind. What kind of celebration have you envisioned? What are your guests going to wear? Are they going to come in suits and evening gowns or outfits that are more relaxed? A grandiose ballroom marriage is an obvious choice if you've always dreamed of a formal black-tie occasion. Opt for a garden party or beachside wedding if you want anything more laid-back.

6.    Mind your budget

Be practical, as always, and stick to your budget for weddings. If you're on a budget, an indoor garden-themed wedding party may not be the best option, as it will be very expensive to fill a ballroom with flowers. Alternatively, why not go for a real garden that does not require too many additional decorations?

7.    Be true to yourself

There is no better wedding than one which represents the character of the couple, so when deciding on a wedding theme, you need to stay true to yourself. Take some tips from Sari and Frey, the nature-loving couple who had an eco-friendly wedding in the forests. For every single one of their guests, their wedding was fun, and more importantly, it really reflected their personality.

Some most famous wedding styles to choose:

•                  Classic

This is the kind of celebration that comes to mind when the word 'wedding' is heard. For romantic couples with a sophisticated sense of style, it is a foolproof decision. A timeless alternative that is very easy to change is the classic theme. Your wedding will look eerily close to many other weddings, on the downside. To stop this, to save your wedding from being boring and repetitive, add some personal touches.

•                  Rustic

Rustic would be the ideal choice if you want a laid-back atmosphere. For those who want to have an eco-friendly wedding or DIY lovers who want to incorporate crafty elements, it's also perfect. The rustic can be adapted to various settings and is very flexible. However, it's more fitting for informal events, so if you are planning to throw a formal wedding, keep this in mind.

•                  Beach

Beach lovers, couples with a limited guest list, and all who yearn for an unforgettable wedding experience at their destination. You can opt to get married on the beach or in an ocean-view chapel. There is a relaxed atmosphere at beach weddings, so guests can relax and just enjoy the gathering. Often, a beach wedding gives you the ability to fly with your loved ones. However, as most beach venues have limited rooms, you won't be able to invite too many guests and not every guest will be able to fly on your wedding day.

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