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January 08, 2020 3 min read

Planning a wedding is a long and stressful process, so you need to start right after the proposal. We recommend picking your wedding theme first. This way, you will be able to adjust every detail from sola wood wedding flowers to the venue to wedding invitations according to your theme. Of course, with dozens of themes to choose from, you might struggle coming up with the one that suits your character and budget. Here are a few tricks to make your life easier.

Ask Yourself Some Key Questions

How many people will attend the wedding? How do you spend your free time with your partner? What was the favorite wedding that you have ever been to? What are your favorite colors? Do you want sola wood flowers or fresh flowers? What will be the weather during your wedding? Try to answer these (and many similar) questions honestly. After that, read the answers with your partner, and you might start to see the pattern. If all the answers point to the sunny wedding at the beach, do it. If you see that a classic wedding is your dream, don't try to follow modern trends and stick to the ageless solutions.

Think About the Venue

It would be better if you come up with the wedding theme before booking the venue. Otherwise, you might need to make big adjustments. For example, if you book a ballroom or a restaurant, it would probably be easier to have a black-tie wedding instead of a rustic one. For rustic weddings, you might want to look into old barns in the countryside.

When booking the venue, consider your budget, as well. You might be able to afford to book a ballroom, but it will also cost a fortune to decorate it with sola wood wedding flowers and bouquets.

Money Matters

When choosing the wedding theme, think about your budget. You might want to choose a slightly less expensive option instead of aiming for a fancy wedding but going into a big debt. Remember that you are only starting your life together and will need a lot of money. Or even worse, don't try to impress others by announcing a posh ballroom wedding without any funds to pull it off. For example, modern minimalist weddings will cost much less compared to fancy ballroom weddings. And it doesn't mean that they are any worse.

There are plenty of ways to save money without contradicting the quality of your wedding. Wooden wedding bouquets cost less compared to fresh flowers, and if you know what you are doing, you can make wooden flowers look mesmerizing. If your guests are not into sweets, you can opt for a smaller wedding cake, and no one would even notice it. These are just a few small tricks to save money. Once you determine the number of guests and the wedding theme, you can start distributing your budget to things that matter the most. Most likely, you won't be able to have everything, so try to make a priority list and stick to it.

Listen to Yourself

Only you know if you want to get married at the beach, ballroom, backyard, restaurant, stadium, or country club. With endless options for your wedding, you will only find the perfect one, if you stay true to yourself. Many people will try to tell you what's best for you. Of course, you should listen to their arguments, but remember that your wedding belongs to you. Instead of trying to please everyone, stick to what you love! If that means not inviting your boss, having a minimal décor, or replacing all seasonal flowers with sola wood flowers, just do it!

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