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January 28, 2020 3 min read

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful yet fulfilling experiences. You will have a lot of time to bond with your partner when going to different tastings, picking wooden wedding bouquets, and meeting various people who help to plan and host weddings. You have to know that every single detail matters. However, picking the perfect wedding venue might be the most important task of your whole wedding. If you manage to find that dream place and book it before other couples (especially during the summer season), you will be fine with everything else, as well. Here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect wedding venue.

Consult Your Wedding Planner

It is probably your first time getting married, so you don't know all the details and specifics about this business. Sometimes those perfect wedding venues on the internet are not exactly optimal or functional. Other venues might cost a fortune. That's why you have to talk to your wedding planner and let them know your resources and needs. A professional wedding planner will introduce you to many fitting options and will tell you some useful information from their experience. So, before booking the first wedding venue that you see online, talk to your planner!

Know Your Budget

You will spend a good portion of your budget for the wedding venue, so it is vital not to exceed your budget. Always remember that your costs will grow as you will need to buy sola wood weeing flowers, rent tables and chairs, and pay taxes for in-house food and drinks. So, once you determine your budget, make sure to reach out to your potential wedding venue, and ask all the details. You want to know all the hidden costs before the wedding starts. Otherwise, you might spend the first year of your marriage trying to pay the debt. We are sure that you don't want that to happen.

Think About Your Guests

The wedding celebration is all about the groom and the bride. We know and respect that. However, when planning your wedding, you should remember that you, as a couple, will only be happy if your guests feel the same. Try to think about the majority of your guests and how to create a smooth experience for them. For example, you might want to book a wedding venue with rooms for out-of-town guests.

Check the Functionality

The same wedding venue can be both fantastic and awful, depending on your theme and decorations. Some venues are perfect for classical weddings but don't look organic when it comes to other themes such as Disney, country, or modern. So, before booking the venue, try to have a vision of how your perfect weddinging looks like and what is required to pull it off. That will allow you to evaluate if a certain place can be rearranged to fulfill your taste. It is easier to pick a fitting venue than to change your dream.

Don't Be Afraid

It is your wedding, so if you feel that a certain wedding venue would be perfect for you, just book it. Of course, try to be as logical as possible when doing it, but in the end, weddings are all about emotions, so trust your gut feeling. That same tip applies to the whole process of the wedding planning. If you like sola wood wedding flowers, but you are not sure if your grandmother would understand your modern floral approach, don't worry about her. As long as you are happy with your choices, everyone else will be, as well.

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