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June 18, 2020 2 min read

People are extremely in love with sola wood flowers due to so many reasons. These wood flowers are not so costly, pollen-free, available scented and scent-free. In addition to all these qualities, these natural wood flowers are eco-friendly also. These flowers made of balsa tree wood are originally off-white, or ivory in color and this color really suits them. These flowers can also be dyed, and you can get sola wood flowers in all-natural and artificial glamorous colors. Still if you are interested in knowing that ‘how to paint sola wood flower? ‘’ this article is a stepwise guide to help you.

How to paint sola wood flower?

Sola wood flowers are very porous; that is why they are effortless to dye and paint. Dying sola wood flower in different colors make them a customizable floral options for various different kinds of reasons. You can use oil paint, spray paint, watercolors, fabric paint, and acrylic paints to dye sola wood flowers. Acrylic paints are considered as the best option to dye natural wooden flowers. Acrylic paints are affordable and easy to dilute with water, and that is why these are the most suitable options to dye sola wood flowers.

Materials require painting sola wood flowers:

Following are the materials used to paint sola wood flowers:

  • Sola wood flowers
  • A bowl with slightly warm water
  • Paintbrushes of different sizes
  • A bowl or plate to mix water and paint
  • Acrylic paints of desired colors
  • Paper towel to blot moistened flowers with extra paint
  • Baking tray with paper towel to keep flowers for drying

Steps involved in painting sola wood flowers:

This part of the article is going to answer your question that ‘how to paint sola wood flowers?’’ By following these instructions step by step, you can easily paint sola wood flowers:

  1. Always work with a single flower at a time and arrange all the materials properly before start working.
  2. Dip sola wood flower into the bowl of warm water for about 3 seconds simply moisten the wood flower.
  3. Now put this moistened sola wood flower on a paper towel and blot any excess water gently.
  4. Mix the acrylic paint with water in a bowl and dissolve it with a paintbrush to create a ‘’wash’’ of color. You can add more or less water in the paint to create a lighter or darker shade of flowers.
  5. You can directly dip the sola wood flower in the color bowl till the color reaches inside of all the petals.
  6. If you want to create a little artistic look to the flowers than with watercolor brushes, paint the edges of the flowers. Do this carefully and keep the flower on a paper towel to let them dry before dipping them entirely in the paint.
  7. Keep the dyed sola wood flowers in a baking tray with paper towel individually and let them dry for 24 hours.
  8. Practice brings finishing and perfection to your work.

This is the most straightforward and easy way to learn that ‘how to dye sola wood flowers?’’

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