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June 17, 2020 5 min read

There was a time when it was impossible to preserve the flower bridal bouquet as a keepsake of wedding day memories. Original blooms are beautiful, indeed, but their elegance and charm is temporary. A little harsh weather, careless handling, and natural wilting, drying, and dying issues cannot help them to survive longer than a day or two. Those times are gone. Now Sola wood flower bridal bouquet has opened a solid and everlasting door of opportunities. These wooden blooms preserve your wedding blooms as memories of your magical moments.

Liz Grace Davis said once;

“She would be creating her own bridal bouquet to feel the fragility and softness of each petal. She would be trying to make the flowers stronger to bear all the warm and cold of times, as she expect from her marriage.’’

What is a sola wood flower bridal bouquet?

sola wood flower bridal bouquet is a bunch of love, happiness, romance, and commitment transformed into color pops that are durable and reliable as your love for each other. These flowers are made of sola wood that is obtained from the bark of ‘’Balsa tree’’. This natural and eco-friendly raw material is the best option to choose as a replacement of real flowers. Carving a flower from wood is an art that requires delicacy, attention, and expertise. Every single sola wood flower is crafted by hands without the involvement of any machines.

These flowers are originally ivory in color, but can be dyed in any natural or artificial tone or shade of color. These carefully crafted and dyed (on demand) wooden flowers are then used to create sola flower bouquets and many wood flower decor.

Uses of sola wood flowers:

There are unlimited opportunities and options to use sola wood flowers. These are long lasting, can be scented if require, the dye in a variety of color options, can be reshaped easily, and available in immense variety. All these qualities make sola wood flowers a perfect choice for sola wood wedding flower bouquet.

With every new day, Sola wood flower bridal bouquet is winning the hearts of people and emerging as the only rulers of the floral industry. These wooden flowers are not only substituting original flowers, but merely ending all the possibilities of using any other faux flowers. Sola wood flowers have become the essential need for various occasions and any kind of floral decorations:

  • Wood flower wedding bouquets and wood flower centrepieces have become a necessary part of almost every wedding. Wedding planners and wedding florists use these blooms in every kind of wedding decoration without any tension.
  • Sola wood flower arrangements are replacing original and fake flowers from offices, homes, and event planning’s because of their real flower looks and toughness.
  • Sola flower bouquets are perfect bearers of get well soon wishes, congratulation messages, love expressing emotions and celebrations.
  • From Christmas to New Year celebrations, Mother’s day wishes to Valentine’s day gifts, birthday parties to baby showers and wedding decorations, sola wood flowers bulk are conquering the gift industry.

Why brides love sola wood wedding flower bouquets?

Brides are always remaining very much concern about their wedding planning, bridal dress, accessories, and wedding decorations. When it comes to bridal bouquet, brides always get excited, emotional, and fussy. They want a bridal bouquet that is not only a bunch of colorful blooms, but it must be a mirror of their personality. Another wish that every bride makes is to keep their wedding bouquet as a symbol of everlasting love and unforgettable sparkling memories. Brides use many ways to preserve these flowers. Still, in the end, they remain fresh only in their wedding album photos or wedding video.

The biggest reason of never-ending love of brides for sola wood wedding flower bouquet is their immortal beauty and freshness. These wood flower wedding bouquets give so many unbelievable options to brides and wedding planners to create a unique fairytale wedding.

Brides have options to choose from plenty of color options that can easily match with their wedding theme. They also have opportunities to get wooden bridal bouquet in any style and shape that simply to complement their wedding dress and bridal looks in a picture-perfect way. With a little care, brides can keep their Sola wood flower bridal bouquet forever. It will be wonderful to hold the same bouquet at their silver, golden, or diamond wedding anniversary.

Wedding decorations and sola wood flowers:

This is not only an affair between bride and sola wood flowers, but it is a marriage between beauty and immortality. Sola wood flower bridal bouquet is becoming an unavoidable part of every wedding in many ways:

  • Sola wood flowers can be used in any kind of floral arrangement easily. Such as:
    • Sola wood floral wedding arches
    • Wooden floral aisles
    • Wood flower centerpieces 
    • Sola wood floral walls
    • Wood flowers entrance
    • Sola wood flower wreath
    • Wooden flower wedding cake decoration and so much more
  • These wood flowers are the best options to make bridal accessories like wooden floral crown, sola flower garlands, etc.
  • Sola wood flowers are very much budget-friendly. Even brides can rent sola wood flowers for their wedding day and then return back.
  • Buying sola wood wedding flowers in bulk is not a loss deal at all. These sola wood flowers can be reused in various kinds of sola wood flower arrangements for home interior and offices.
  • You can try many DIY wood flower décor ideas to reuse your wedding flowers in centerpieces, scent diffusers, sola wood flower wreath, or any unique and artistic floral arrangements.
  • Wooden flowers are pollen-free and available unscented. You can use these flowers in sola flower bouquet as a gift for someone having pollen allergy issues.

Where to buy wood flower bouquets

Popularity of sola wood flowers is increasing day by day. Many online shops and websites are selling these stunning blooms according to your needs. Woodflowers.com is one of the top-rated online wood flowers store that offers you the best quality wooden flowers.

The award-winning sola wood flowers by woodflowers.com are so elegantly crafted that you get puzzled between their fake identity and real flower looks. These flowers are available in original ivory color. They can be dye also as per the requirements and desires of their clients.

You can share your customized Sola wood flower bridal bouquet idea with the expert wooden flower makers of woodflowers.com, and they will transform your dream into reality.

Sola wood flower bridal bouquet are becoming the first priority of every bride because of their versatility, unbelievable natural looks, countless color options, and fantastic availability of every flower in any season. These sola flower bouquets are stunning with no expiry at all and available with moderate prices that are quite affordable for couples.

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