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April 04, 2020 2 min read

To most of the grooms, getting married is the easiest task compared to giving an official speech during the celebration in front of all the guests. The atmosphere, including beautiful sola wood wedding flowers, decorations, loving guests, and the most stunning bride in the world, can easily get the better of many men. However, they still have to do the speech. That is why it is better to come prepared to avoid any surprises. Here are a few tips on how to succeed with your groom's speech!

Be Yourself

Most of the guests will know you better than you know yourself, so you should not try to fool them or sound too official. On the contrary, it is your celebration, so you should relax, be yourself, and say things that you actually feel and believe in. Of course, following the structure and adjusting to the occasion are things that you have to do, but avoid getting to basic and official. All the tips are supposed to help you showcase your originality instead of making your sound like any other groom in the world.

Make It Funny

People come to your wedding to have fun, so help them out! Start your speech with a few light jokes (know your limits) to ease the crowd. And once the crowd is relaxed, you should feel better, as well. You might say something silly like, "Oh my God, it is the first time that I see those beautiful sola wood wedding bouquets. Did we pick them, my love?". Of course, if you are not confident in telling jokes, don't try to push it too hard. Just remember – avoid beginnings that are too long as your guests might get bored.

Focus on the Bride

You have to thank everyone (especially parents and bridal party) for coming to the wedding, but your main focus should still be the bride. That said, start your speech acknowledging everything else, from your best man efforts to keep you sane to adorning sola wood roses, before you start talking about your partner. She is the main star of the night, so save her for the second part of your speech.

5-10 Minutes

Everything at your wedding should be balanced – you don't want too little sola wood wedding flowers, too many guests, or too little booze. When it comes to the length of your speech, it should ideally be between 5-10 minutes. Of course, you know your guests better, so if you feel that they want to listen to you for half an hour, nobody can stop you. However, in most cases, you will see people starting to check their mobile phones after 10 minutes. No matter how everyone loves you, they just cannot keep their attention for too long unless you are delivering a killer speech with punchlines every 10 seconds.

Don't Stress out

Your wedding is one of the biggest celebrations in your lifetime, so don't feel entitled to satisfy every guest and be responsible for them having fun. Of course, try your best to be a great host, but remember to have some fun along the way. Also, all the guests will support you during your speech, so don't stay positive, practice, and you will succeed!

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