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June 27, 2020 4 min read

A little effort is more memorable than an expensive gift!

Sola wood flowers have turned the trends of the floral industry completely. These flowers have boosted the art of DIY floral crafts up to the sky. From wall hanging to centerpieces and floral wreaths to decorative items made of sola wood flowers are getting skyrocketing. These handmade floral decorations are beautiful, unique, and gracious. Those are beautifying your events, homes, and offices in a more stylish and customized way. Sola wood flowers décor is emerged out as an industry, and even the DIY crafted items made of sola wood flowers have also revolutionized the way of presenting gifts to friends and loved ones.

Handmade variety of gifts distribute great joy among the giver and receiver as a handmade gift made by heart is always precious and priceless than a gift bought with money. Sola wood blooms are the flowers made of woodand these are crafted with hands in the most delicate manner to give these flowers similar look identical to the real flowers. Handmade craft made of sola wood flowers is not just a gift, but it is the way to show affiliation, love, and appreciation for the person you love and care about.

Here is a list of few incredible DIY gift ideas that the receivers will simply love and appreciate:

Artwork & sola wood flowers:

You can double the creativity displayed by a piece of art by using sola wood flowers to compliment it. Wooden flowers can create a 3D effect in the art created by you. Various uses of sola wood flowers in a work of art are:

  • Sola wood flowers heartwood wall hanging
  • Sola wood flowers saved into sola wood flower shadow box
  • Photo frame decorated with wooden flowers
  • Wood floral letter
  • Use your own sola wood flower and add them to a painting (As a flower crown on a portrait of a woman)

Sola wood flower bouquet:

sola wood flowers bouquet is an all-time hit idea to gift your loved ones. Collect the wooden flowers of the colors your special one likes most and create a wood flower arrangement. You have plenty of options to present this bouquet to the one you care for:

  • Try glass bottles as a vase, paint them in golden, silver, or bronze spray color, or use jute rope to cover the glass to give bottles a unique and classic look. Place your sola flowers bouquet in it and present it to someone special.
  • Although lanterns are associated with flickering candles, you can also make them overflowing with sola flowers and faux greenery. You may also experiment with placing a scented candle inside the lantern and wrapping sola wood flowers around the lantern like a wreath.
  • Use a sturdy metal vase for a sola wood flower bouquet to give a rustic farmhouse look.
  • Wood planter boxes are also ideal options for placing sola wood flowers inside.
  • On a plane, glass vase applies glass glue and covers it entirely with crushed glass to create a customized vase for the incredibly beautiful sola wood flowers bouquet.

Sola wood flowers housewarming gifts:

Are you thinking of an ideal gift for the new home of your friend? Potted flowers and plants are all-time favorite gifts for a friend who moved into a new house. You can borrow a similar idea with an added twist of sola wood flowers.

  • Use a metal, wooden, or crystal tray to spread sola wood flowers inside it and use a glass candle stand with a candle placed in the center of it.
  • Try an old drawer painted with any suitable color and fill it with sola wood roses to create a little different kind of centerpiece.
  • Decorate a beautiful candle stand with elegant sola wood blooms and present it as a centerpiece.

Magnets with sola wood flowers:

A magnet always comes with a plastic artwork, but is it the only way to use these magnetic clips for the fridge? Create a wood flower magnetic set to create something truly unique and inspiring:

  • Try some wine corks decorated with sola flowers and a magnet inserted inside cork.
  • Create a DIY wood flower magnet set for a bucket to create a different look.
  • You can add a magnet clip direct to the sola wood flower base to create magnetic sola wood flowers.

Sola wood flower accessories:

Brides love sola wood flowers and use sola wood flower accessories on their wedding day. There is no hard and fast rule to use sola floral accessories only on the wedding day. These accessories are so delicate and fascinating that they can be perfect for every girl on any occasion. The accessories you can make with sola wood flowers are:

  • Bobby pins with sola flowers
  • Hairpin decorated with sola wood flower
  • Ring with a bunch of tiny sola wood blooms
  • Sola wood floral corsage

Sola wood flowers outdoor decorative items:

Are you worried about the gift you have to present to your childhood buddy? Of course, in these so many years, you have gifted almost everything to them. This time try a DIY item for their doorstep, patios, or garden that is composed of sola wood flowers:

  • With sola wood, the craft kit decorates a wagon wheel cutout with wooden blooms.
  • Create a dream catcher wreath with a giant sola wood rose for hanging it outside your friend’s front door.
  • Gift a wood cross decorated with an ivory sola wood flower to spread innocence and purity.


These are just a few drops from the ocean of creativity. In actuality, the possibilities are endless, and you cannot remain stick with a single idea of using these wooden wonders. Sola wood flowers can be used in and at any situation and occasion without thinking twice. With a little brainstorming, you will get a receptacle of never-ending ideas to create DIY items for friends, family, and your own self.

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